Jobs and career events

Here you can find our current job openings and upcoming events. Whether you are interested in joining the QVARTZ civilisation or simply want to get to know us better, keep on reading.

Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing

COPENHAGEN: Our team of Junior Consultants are the best in the world. Not just because they are the most competent and ambitions students around, performing tasks comparable to those of full-time consultants and participating in projects with leading Scandinavian clients, but also because they are an energetic community who contributes and adds to the perspective of our entire civilisation. Right now, we are looking for more Junior Consultants to join our Copenhagen office.

See you at the castle

SWEDEN: In management consulting, teamwork plays an essential role. In each project team, everybody needs to use their unique skills to achieve the best joint team performance. On May 4, we invite selected students from LTH to join us for an afternoon where you will get to try a few fun disciplines – and learn a thing or two about QVARTZ’ take on management consulting.

Shaken, not stirred

COPENHAGEN: When mixing the perfect cocktail, it’s all about the balance. The ingredients should complement each other and bring out the best in each flavour, creating the perfect blend. To us, this is true in management consulting as well. On April 27, we invite selected non-Scandinavian students to join us for an informal evening where you will meet some of our consultants with an international background.

Is digital expertise your game?

At QVARTZ, we want to move great companies and great people forward, and to build a Nordic original in management consulting. We help companies through their entire digital transformation journey. The demand for digital competences is increasing rapidly, and we are therefore looking to expand our digital service team.