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Game on!

It turned out to be yet a truly iconic QVARTZ Soccer Challenge in Copenhagen. Today, 12 teams went head to head at the soccer field. A big thanks to all of those who joined us. And congratulations to BCG who took home the trophy. See you all next year!

Sweden’s finest

National glory and honour were at stake last Friday when 44 Industrial Engineering and Management students competed in the finals of the prestigious I-Case Challenge – a national case competition for the five biggest technical universities in Sweden. At the impressive campus of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, six QVARTZ consultants spent the day judging the teams’ very well-prepared and convincing presentations. Back at our office in Birger Jarlsgatan, the winning team of each class was celebrated with refreshing bubbles before we all headed out for dinner in central Stockholm. A big congrats to team KTH who won the whole shebang along the bragging rights until next year’s I-Case Challenge.

Aiming for the top

10 QVARTZ colleagues and 4 spouses spent a couple of relaxing days in the Jotunheimen mountains in Norway. The weather conditions were perfect, with no wind but plenty of sun. When not hitting the slopes, the QVARTZ bunch climbed three different mountain tops and enjoyed some well-deserved drinks in the afternoon sun. Have a sneak peek in the video.

When to say “No”

Across industries, there is a clear correlation between market share and profitability, meaning that it is better for companies to build a few very strong positions rather than many semi-strong positions. However, striking the right balance between not throwing good money after bad investments and at the same time keeping your people motivated to constantly push new ideas is no easy task. Read QVARTZ’ latest knowledge piece on portfolio management here.


We don’t mind a burst of colour once in a while. This weekend, a bunch of cheerful QVARTZ colleagues participated in The Color Run in Copenhagen, looking more like unicorns than ever when reaching the finish line. Safe to say, they had a blast.

Surf’s up

37 energetic people from our offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen spent an epic four days together in Peniche, Portugal, breaking the waves and practicing their board skills. Besides daily surf lessons, there was also plenty of time for BBQs, the annual volleyball tournament, a much-appreciated music quiz and plenty of socialising and kicking back. Check out the video for more.

A visit from Harvard in Oslo and Stockholm

We had the great pleasure of hosting two Big Data events featuring Professor Kris Ferreira from Harvard Business School this week – in Stockholm and in Oslo.

Future leadership

LEADING HUMANS talk to influential people around the globe. Check out what Torsten Hvidt, Chief Philosophy Officer and Co-founder of QVARTZ has to say about future leadership.

A red-blue-white celebration

Every nation has a national day, but few are celebrated with as much enthusiasm and vigour as Norway’s May 17. The entire country turns into one big celebration, and our Oslo office is of course no exception. Yesterday, colleagues and their friends and families gathered in the garden at Wergelandsveien to to enjoy the traditional hotdogs and ice cream, surrounded by an abundance of flags and balloons.

Coolest gang in town

30 students from no less than four different universities in Sweden defied the surprisingly chilly spring weather to visit our Stockholm office and get the grand tour into the world of consulting. After a workshop on problem solving, we defied the chilly spring weather and went for a grand tour around the archipelago of Stockholm in a high-speed rib boat.

Phenomenal Phil

Phil Doolan ended up spending his 30:th birthday this Saturday in a rather unconventional location. Fortunately, the destination for this project was Phil’s native Australia, so we rest assured that he’ll be celebrated in style by family and friends down under. Make sure to follow Phil’s Australian endeavors in this week’s Instagram takeover.

Blissful battles

Last week, 25 students from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University and Copenhagen Business School joined forces at Örtofta Castle just outside Lund to learn more about management consulting while battling in five fun disciplines.

M&M X 30

Morten Kleveland at QVARTZ’ Oslo office and Mathias Mehlsen at QVARTZ’ Copenhagen office do not only share a passion for consulting – they also happen to be born on the same day, exactly 30 years ago today.

Be the change

Aiman Shaqura is the fireball behind Charge, Norway’s first incubator for first-generation immigrants looking to build successful growth companies for the future. QVARTZ is proud to be a partner and co-driver of this important initiative – read more about it and Aiman Shaqura here.