Adding a new CORE COMPETENCE as well as offices in NEW YORK and HAMBURG

QVARTZ acquires a majority stake in Vertical Strategy, an innovative consultancy specialised in creating new (digital) business models, incubation and customer experiences. In addition, we have established an office in New York City and merged with the strategy consulting firm Bülow & Consorten in Germany.

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Pumping it up for the future

When Grundfos embarked on their digital transformation journey, it was like looking at a blank piece of paper; everything was possible. The management interviewed 30 thought leaders around the world; everyone from Grundfos’ distributors to professors to consultants to writers to start-up companies, and asked them: “What do you think can disrupt our industry and our company?”


When heritage meets performance culture

Not too long ago, Danish Crown was through what can be defined as a near-death experience. During a decade, the company was increasingly challenged on competitiveness and was consequently forced to terminate 7,000 Danish workplaces. Join Jais Valeur, CEO of Danish Crown, looking back at his first 365 days in the drivers seat.


So long, snail mail

The ones adapting are the ones surviving. But how do you remain adaptive, not only through the digital upheaval we are living in now, but also in the coming eras? To the customer communication management company PostNord Strålfors, this has certainly been a relevant question to consider. Annemarie Gardshol, CEO of PostNord Strålfors, explains how a company that is part of an 800-year heritage has change embedded in its DNA.


The great sprint of a fitness empire

SATS ELIXIA is one of the fitness industry’s greatest success stories, having grown into Scandinavia’s largest chain of fitness centres. However, with time, harsh competition from low-price players and niche clubs squeezed SATS ELIXIA into an unfortunate, middle-market position, ultimately forcing the chain to redefine their entire value proposition.


Here’s what’s buzzing at QVARTZ


(n.) Organisms that are attracted or adapted to large amounts of sunshine. Whatever your summer has in hold – adventures in nature, inspiration from big cities or relaxation on a sunny beach – we wish you a great holiday. At QVARTZ, we’re set to (almost) pull the plugs for a few weeks and go follow the sunlight. 

QVARTZ DOGBITERS: Lars the explorer

“Every year, I travel to a secret destination together with a group of friends. This spring, the destination turned out to be the exclusion zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the abandoned city of Pripyat. It was quite an experience to explore the ghost town, which before the accident had a population of about 50,000 people”. Lars Johansson, Consultant at QVARTZ’ Stockholm office does not shy away from new experiences. A year ago, he joined QVARTZ from another consultancy due to a desire to combine problem solving and high-end strategy projects with a great company culture and vision. Read more about our Dogbiter Lars here.

The adventure has begun

Today, the QVARTZbulance and its awesome two-man crew consisting of Christian Østerbye and Rolf Andersen have commenced their 15,000-kilometer drive towards Mongolia. As participants in the Mongolia Charity Rally, Christian and Rolf will drive over mountains, across deserts, through rivers and around pot-holes to the rugged expanses of the ancient Mongol empire.

Executives’ take on digital transformation

Our latest Digital Transformation Report, developed in collaboration with Microsoft, offers a thorough understanding of the what, why and how of digital transformation among some of the major players in the Swedish market. SAS, SEB, Telia, PostNord, Vattenfall, Electrolux and 14 other large Swedish companies explain how they use digital transformation to address the challenges they face in a variety of areas. Read the report here.

Our secret garden

Our backstage area at this year’s Roskilde Festival, The Secret Garden, was booming with great food, colourful drinks – and the best guest we could ever wish for. Together, we created memories that will last all the way until next summer. Have a sneak peek of our Roskilde experience in the video.


Each year, QVARTZ offers a 12-month mentoring programme to master’s students who are looking for some guidance on which career dreams to pursue and how to achieve them – whether in management consulting or elsewhere. The 20 students are each assigned a personal QVARTZ mentor who supports and challenges them and helps them make well-informed decisions about their future careers. Last week, it was time for the latest round of mentors and mentees to part – and what better way to say goodbye than over great food and wine. We wish all mentees the best of luck with your future careers and look forward to welcoming new mentees in the autumn.

What we offer
to our clients

First-tier consulting skills – insight and experience delivered with integrity. Flexible approach – matching team and skill configuration to client needs. People centrism – mobilising client organisations’ energy and capacity.

What we offer
to our people

Leadership through followership – creating opportunities for others as early as possible. Individualised career development – accelerated learning and career ownership. Opportunity to influence – room to create, build and be entrepreneurial.

Care to join our civilisation?

Some speak about people as “diamonds in the rough”, needing polishing to fit in. To us, it’s the opposite. We’re looking for people who have an edge.

A peek inside our civilisation

Generosity and trust constitute the glue of our civilisation, and it’s an amazing source of energy to be surrounded by people who put in more than they take out. Here you can take a peek at some iconic moments from our civilisation.