QVARTZ Analytics is a knowledge hub of specialists within analytics and digital solutions. Our principles go hand in hand with those of QVARTZ – we strongly believe that the ability to tackle and solve complex problems must be combined with the ability to engage and mobilise client organisations in order to deliver lasting impact.

Business acumen
We always start by articulating the business problem at hand. By adding business acumen to analytics solution development, a clear focus on business impact is ensured before any sort of analytics is initiated.

Development mindset
Our mindset is a blend of agile development from the software discipline and a focus on high reliability from the hardware discipline, ensuring a reliable outcome for your business, which you can regenerate with high accuracy.

Tailored solutions & tools
We always tailor our team and efforts to your particular situation and challenges, never settling for a predefined set of solutions and tools or limiting ourselves to certain open source and proprietary platforms.

Predictive maintenance

With this perspective, QVARTZ aims to highlight that predictive maintenance is about more than mere technology. It is not just about the data and analytics, but more about the choices you make at various stages to maximise the value it can create for your business. In order to succeed with predictive maintenance, you need to go through the four steps described below. Each step is in itself essential – and all steps are equally important.

Digital transformation

To navigate in the era of digital transformation, we need to understand both the motions and the key drivers that enable us to respond to the digitisation of our society and our businesses. By looking at the digitisation pioneers among Scandinavian companies and studying their best practices, we can learn from their experience – and we can create a framework to better understand the initiatives and the progress we are making towards the new world.

Where we create value

How we create value

Proof of concept
Executing analytical sprints or proof of concepts to test the viability of a use case and the commercial potential of a given initiative.

Data strategy & management
Ensuring that the underlying master data and corresponding processes are set up in the right way through data and requirement assessment.

Analytics product development
Supporting and developing analytics products and ensuring integration of the products in your organisation, processes and way of working.

Vendor selection
Supporting the selection of system vendors for the technical setup of the analytical unit, including gap to existing platforms and systems.

Team & organisation
Supporting the definition of the optimal analytics setup including capabilities, organisation and way of working (sprint, agile, etc.).

Supporting the move from initial analytical testing/sandboxing to full-scale business solutions integrated into daily operations.

What’s buzzing?

The A-Team

QVARTZ Analytics helps organisations extract value from data, always taking actual business problems as the point of departure – because only then does data analytics become truly value-adding. In this perspective, the QVARTZ Analytics bunch unravel their take on the three key elements that rock their world: data, analytics and people.

Bringing mining leaders up to speed

These days, Kash Sirinanda from QVARTZ Analytics is participating in Mining Investment Asia, a strategic mining conference and exhibition with 400 attendees from 25 countries.

Growing QVARTZ Analytics

Our three new analytical colleagues form a strong addition to the QVARTZ Analytics team. A warm welcome to Kristina, Regitze and Richard.

Ready, set, innovate

Last Tuesday, our strategic partners from Teradata invited us to attend their Innovation Forum in Copenhagen, where LEGO, Maersk, Danske Bank and Swedbank shed some light on how they have used data to operationalise and advance through technology-enabled solution.

Go ask Kash

Do you know what a mining futurist is? Kash Sirinanda from our knowledge hub QVARTZ Analytics does. He is committed to further developing the mining sector, and has recently published an article on the exciting boom in mining startups. Among other good things, the...

QVARTZ DOGBITERS: Johan goes for the full spectrum

Motivated by the deep quantitative aspects he found at QVARTZ Analytics, Johan Emil Rasmussen joined our analytics knowledge hub 2.5 months ago. “Here, I get to work on complex analytical challenges for clients, often alongside partners such as Teradata, Microsoft, Salesforce and Cisco”, he says.

Meet the team

Frances Luk

Frances Luk

Accomplisher, data geek and engineer. 14+ years of experience in driving complex analytical projects across industries – from among others Teradata and Danske Bank.

 +45 40 88 63 36

Gustav Fjorder

Gustav Fjorder

Explorer and software engineer. Brings knowledge of data modelling, AI and algorithm development.

 +45 29 68 69 38

Jens Friis Hjortegaard

Jens Friis Hjortegaard

Leader, economist and business developer. Brings 10+ years of experience from management consulting, having worked extensively with digital transformations and analytics across industries and practice areas.

 +45 29 69 69 22

Johan Emil Rasmussen

Johan Emil Rasmussen

Thinker, economist and entrepreneur. Combines business acumen from management consulting and a flair for building complex algorithms for the financial services industry.

 +45 23 33 37 33

Kash Sirinanda

Kash Sirinanda

Optimiser, mathematician and engineer. Holds a doctorate in optimisation and a track record in analytics and digitalisation from McKinsey Digital – applied in heavy industries, oil & gas and mining.

 +45 29 69 69 34

Kristina Gregorio

Kristina Gregorio

Statistician, software engineer and digital marketing enthusiast. Highly skilled in delivering pragmatic solutions in various industries. 15+ years of experience in data science consulting and implementation.

 +45 29 69 69 62

Rahul Vasantlal Shah

Rahul Vasantlal Shah

Designer, business developer and engineer. Highly skilled in bridging technology and business impact, building on 18+ years of experience working in the hi-tech industry and management consulting.

 +45 29 68 69 53

Regitze Sdun

Regitze Sdun

Philomath, engineer and mathematician. Regitze combines years of experience as a management consultant in QVARTZ with a background in mathematical modelling and computing from DTU Technical University of Denmark.

 +45 29 68 69 67

Richard Pergament

Richard Pergament

Self-starter, engineer and builder. Richard has a strong track record of data modelling as a management consultant in QVARTZ, which he now combines with a passion for building digital solutions.

 +46 70 249 06 25