Next practice

/ nɛkst ˈpraktɪs /

Next practice management consulting combines the ability to tackle and solve complex problems with the ability to engage and mobilise client organisations to deliver lasting impact. Next practice is like tomorrow. It’s never here. It’s what we strive for, dream about and make our best efforts to achieve.

Engagement principles

We tailor team and efforts to the problem by combining senior resources and industry specialists with strong analytical capabilities to deliver sustainable solutions. We carefully listen to our clients and match our teams to their needs. If the project scope changes, we change configuration. We think implementation from day one and enable the leaders we work with to mobilise their people.


No, we didn’t sneeze. It’s the way we work with our clients. TS, or Tackle & Solve, refers to the discipline of decomposing a business issue into its logical parts. EM, or Engage & Mobilise, is the discipline of delivering impact and results through co-creation with our clients. Change will only happen if you manage to do both. Here's an example of how we turn this into practice.

Value Realisation

Companies implementing new strategic initiatives often fall short when it comes to realising the full potential of the forecasted financial benefits. We have developed what we call the Value Realisation method to close this value gap. It’s a simple but disciplined approach that applies well-known concepts, deep understanding of the business, unbeatable enthusiasm and the ability to support the receiving organisation in driving its own transformation. Click to read more.

Flexible Engagement

We don’t have shelves full of ready-to-implement strategies. We carefully listen to our clients and match our teams to their needs. If the project scope changes, we change configuration. We think implementation from day one, and we enable the leaders we work with to mobilise their people.


A large part of our business focuses on creating future platforms for growth. This is not limited to front end services such as sales and marketing, but is equally relevant for operational disciplines such as supply chain and procurement. It boils down to capabilities and mind-set, to creating an organisational agility that continuously seeks ways to rethink how it will create value for customers and monetise it for the business.


Within selected sectors, our experience and knowledge are truly first rate. For each sector, a team of senior specialists help executive management tackle and solve their most pressing business issues.

Private Equity

In a more mature and competitive deal market, the private equity funds constantly have to increase the ability to pull all the operational value creation levers in their portfolio companies to meet the high return expectations from their investors. This requires an ability to bring a broad set of capabilities – from front-end to back-end – into the various portfolio companies.

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Roar Brun Jensen
+45 29 69 69 26

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Valedo: Joe & The Juice

Water, Energy, Cleantech

Rapid growth in demand, climate concerns, changing regulatory frameworks and increasing competition have changed the energy industry significantly over the past decade. Addressing this change requires insight into renewable energy, transmission and distribution, retail, upstream exploration, downstream operations, equipment suppliers, offshore services. And more.

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Thomas Arentsen
+45 29 69 69 30

Erik Nordbø
+47 92 61 00 93

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Vestas: Wind for prosperity

Pharma & Medtech

Pharma & medtech companies are facing an ever-more dynamic and volatile environment due to a multitude of factors, including patent expiry, low-cost (generic) manufacturers entering the competitive arena and gradually declining R&D productivity. Moreover, payers are becoming increasingly price sensitive as new and stricter regulatory regimes are evolving.

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Rune Wichmann
+45 29 69 69 44

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OneMed: Redefining medical procurement

Public Sector

There is a profound interest in improving the transparency and effectiveness of the public sector to allow it to better fulfil its mission at lower costs. The public sectors are going through significant transformations, trying to tackle changing demographics composition and adjusting to a wide range of consequences from globalisation and increased pressure on the welfare states.

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Christian Sparrevohn
+45 31 93 31 93

Flemming Pedersen
+45 25 47 29 28

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DSB: Back on the rails

Consumer Brands & Retail

Consumer brands and retail players face tough strategic questions that enter the agenda with greater frequency and magnitude than ever: declining or slow growth in Europe, increasing channel complexity; pressure on margins from increased price transparency, etc. Welcome to the fast-paced world of consumer brands and retail.

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John T. Hansen
+45 29 69 69 25

Morten Hvidt
+45 29 68 69 25

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Carlsberg: Sustainable packaging


Despite the fact that we see some improvements in the economic cycle, many industry players still search for ways to achieve growth opportunities while preserving a non-complex operating model. There is an immense potential in the manufacturing sector, which can be unleashed by combining profound sector and functional knowledge.

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Anders Bruhn
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Peter-John Liberoth
+45 29 69 69 90

Roar Brun Jensen
+45 29 69 69 26

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Bladt industries: Clear strategies for a cloudy future

Transport & Logistics

It may seem far-fetched to reconcile perspectives such as green shipping issues and train component maintenance. However, irrespective of the cargo and the mode, the transport industry shares several common issues such as identifying effective responses to deregulation and volatility in customer demand, keeping up with competition, financing new investments and handling cost escalation to name a few.

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Jerker Rosander
+46 703 296 553

Jesper Adeltoft
+45 29 69 69 36

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Maersk: Cutting the Gordian knot

Financial Services

Financial institutions face an era of increasing governmental regulation, public scrutiny, economic uncertainty and changing customer behaviour and preferences, putting significant pressure on profitability. The importance of doing it right has never been bigger. This calls for experience with handling issues ranging from strategy and governance to revenue growth, cost efficiency and handling of “bad assets".

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Johan Reiersen
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Jesper Kjerside
+45 26 71 35 75

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Danske Bank: Building the bridge as you walk on it

Media and Telco

The telecommunication and media sectors are undergoing fundamental changes as profit pools are declining, networks are converging and consumers have more options than ever to get what they want. The market boundaries between telecommunication, technology and media continue to diminish. Industry consolidation, consumer experience, technological bets and substantial infrastructural upgrades to deal with exploding data volumes and connectivity demands are key themes to address. Our clients benefit from the combined knowledge in our telecommunication, media and technology practices to help manage these challenges.

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Thomas Arentsen
+45 29 69 69 30


Where the oxygen comes in

In an industry characterised by extreme pressure and few certainties, SAS has found that constant transformation is the only way forward. With Scandinavia being one of the world’s most expensive areas to operate in, the airline has to find quicker, more flexible and better solutions than competitors all the time. However, no company can survive on efficiency and cost-out programmes alone, and SAS is faced with the delicate task of harnessing energy and pride while constantly pushing for change.

A bigger piece of that pie, please

In the German insurance market, there is little, if any, room for new entrants. The reason is simple: the pie has already been sliced. Where many traditional insurance companies have seen this lack of new competition as a good excuse to stick to business as usual, Nuremberg-based ERGO Direkt sees it as an opportunity to dramatically change the way people handle their insurances.

If it looks really challenging, it’s perfect

When the financial crisis hit global markets in 2008, few expected to benefit from it. But for the investment-hungry fund managers at Nordic Capital, the new and disruptive environment proved to be an entryway into a new and exciting industry: financial services. The industry in question was, however, not quite as enthusiastic.

When a banker lends you an umbrella

Today, all financial institutions operate in a context of constant change. New financial institutions are popping up on every corner of the Internet. Fintech firms are offering new ways to provide money transfers and online credits. With the rapidly shifting environment, the 150 year old banking giant Danske Bank has been pushed to rethink its operating model and clear the halls of old truths.

So long, snail mail

The opportunities of the digital age go hand in hand with its threats. Numerous renowned corporations have missed their opportunities and seen the core of their business become irrelevant before their very eyes. The ones adapting are the ones surviving. But how do you remain adaptive, not only through the digital upheaval we are living in now, but also in the coming eras? To the customer communication management company PostNord Strålfors, this has certainly been a relevant question to consider. Read the case and watch the video to hear Annemarie Gardshol, CEO of PostNord Strålfors, explain how a company that is part of an 800-year heritage has change embedded in its DNA.

When heritage meets performance culture

Danish Crown is one of the backbones of the Danish farming economy. The cooperatively owned company is owned by 7,600 pig and cattle farmers spread across Denmark, and has an annual revenue of EUR 7.8 billion. In fact, Danish Crown is responsible for 4% of all foreign currency flowing into Denmark, so you could basically argue that you only need 25 companies like Danish Crown to keep the Danish economy running. However, not too long ago, Danish Crown was through what can be defined as a near-death experience. During a decade, the company was increasingly challenged on competitiveness and was consequently forced to terminate 7,000 Danish workplaces. Learn what Jais Valeur, CEO of Danish Crown, has to say about working in an unusual organisation where people think not in terms of quarters or years, but in generations.

Annual report

Since 2007, we have published our annual report, a brief state of our civilisation with highlights from the year gone by with clients and each other.

QVARTZ annual report 2016

Numbers and letters. Quantity and quality. Results and relations. Capitalism and humanism. Combine is a word that defines QVARTZ. No less. It defines our internal modus operandi, our ways of working with clients, our strategy, our end goals and indeed our beliefs about the world. The stories in this year's QVARTZ Annual reflect this premise. In 2017, we combined with inspirational companies, intriguing organisations, new offices, colleagues and skill sets – and with cool people everywhere. Come along for the ride.

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Experience the first 365 days as CEO of a EUR 7.8 billion business. Learn how to avoid becoming a bad rerun of Blockbuster. Read why never to take a bigger premium on commodities. And join the journey towards the endless possibilities of digitalisation. Learn how New York is like a whale. Why redevelopment is in fact a positive mechanism. And how networks are the new black in business. This year’s QVARTZ Annual aims to inspire. With bright lights in the shape of four great cases, four inspiring perspectives as well as a lot of numbers. Enjoy.

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QVARTZ annual report 2015

Our annual report is a testament to the human beings we have met in the year gone by. At our clients' sites. And in the CSR work that we have undertaken. To us, they are all truly Big People. We invite you to meet Peder Tuborgh, CEO of one of the largest dairies in the world, who during his tenure has doubled its revenue, but is far more proud of his work in ensuring strong shared values throughout the global organisation. Nancy Mohsen and Ismail Yagoub who had to flee their homes as part of the so-called refugee crisis, and who are now valuable colleagues at QVARTZ. Eivind Roald, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, SAS Group Worldwide, who could choose to look back at a good year, but rather wants to talk about what needs to become even better. Ann Isaksson, Operations Manager at Alla Kvinnors Hus, which last year alone housed 133 children and 103 women who have been subject to domestic violence. And Alex Myers, President & CEO at Getinge Group, who merged three independent companies into one united company.

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QVARTZ annual report 2014

What’s the next big thing? A question that occupies many bright minds these years. Is it Big Data? Is it Africa? Or is it indeed seaweed, which many think we will all be munching for breakfast before long? The candidates are many, but we can think of only one commonality that ties them together, and that’s not a thing. It’s people. Big People. During the year, we have been so fortunate as to work with a bunch of brilliant and distinguished people who have inspired us. That’s why, in our latest annual report, we pay tribute to a handful of them.

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Annual report

We believe that opposition is an indispensable feature of any sensible human being or successful business. For management consultants seeking to change status quo as well as for dynamic businesses pursuing growth. In our latest annual report, you can read not only about a great year at QVARTZ, but also about courageous and intriguing companies which have chosen opposition, either to competitors, obscurity or business as usual. Visit the digital version of our annual report to access videos, interviews and other inspirational contents.

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We find that in times of crisis, financial or otherwise, it’s important to remind each other that tough times won’t last, but that tough people will. And that history tells us that even the biggest of challenges and the most complex of problems can be solved. Our annual report 2012 documents that we did our small part when it comes to solving complex problems and handling large-scale challenges.

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How do we put a label on a year like 2011? A year where we grew significantly in Sweden and Norway, did sessions with a range of the most notable chairmen in the Danish business community, published an acclaimed book on "Globalisation 3.0", had a team of voluntary consultants working with local business entrepreneurs in Kenya, and we could go on.

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Annual report 2010

The year gone by was surely the most important one in our consolidated history. Three significant Scandinavian management consulting companies, Copenhagen Consulting Company, Kihlstedt & Partners and Quartz Strategy Consultants merged and became Quartz+Co.

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Everrest Within

We came out of 2009 stronger than ever, not only in financial terms, but also in mental and cultural terms – we conquered our inner Everest and now it is onwards, perhaps to the moon.

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This publication is our second consecutive public annual report and should be seen as one of many ways in which we interact with our stakeholders. We hope the report will prompt a desire to learn more about our unique business model, our professional services, our team of consultants, and the results delivered.

Download the annual report 2008


Going into 2007, we felt that we were prepared for a big step, we felt that the bow was drawn, and that we were ready to release. Today, I think that we all agree, from the chairman to the newest employee, that we have seen the arrow fly during the year that passed.

Download the annual report 2007