Behind every number, there is a story. In our line of business, we are lucky enough to work with a lot of inspiring people who dare challenge conventions, break new land and follow their passions. Read some of their stories here.


Where the oxygen comes in

"We have the same revenue, but we are flying an additional three million people; more than half the population of Denmark. That shows how aggressive the competition in the industry is".


A bigger piece of that pie, please

“The industry is still in its baby shoes in regard to getting digital and getting online".

Nordic Capital

If it looks really challenging, it’s perfect

"Given my belief in what we do and how we operate, my money is on the challengers rather than the incumbents”.

Danske Bank

When a banker lends you an umbrella

“As a leader in this transformation, you need to be very stubborn and persistent when trying to get people to go in the right direction".


Pumping it up for the future

"What do you think can disrupt our industry and our company?"

Postnord Strålfors

So long, snail mail

"We are sort of changing the wheels on the car while driving it at full speed".

Danish Crown

When heritage meets performance culture

"We kill pigs and cows for a living, and if that's our narrative, it's not exactly a very noble purpose".


The great sprint of a fitness empire

"Being stuck in the middle is not an optimal situation for those of us who have read Porter".


In China, they don’t eat cheese with sticks

“It’s very Nordic, I think — the sustainability platform that we are trying to build around our entire value chain, from cow to consumer”.