Digital is changing the game

Today's large corporations can become leaders in the digital world if they dare to rethink their approach to strategy and embrace the agile operating model. However, agility alone will not solve all problems. In this white paper, QVARTZ and Vertical dive into how companies can best navigate in the constantly changing and complex digital space and unleash the power of their organizations through applying an agile operating model and implementing a more innovative business culture. Most companies will need to take a dual approach – building on elements from both agile and more traditional operating models and balance an agile decision-making model with agile servant leadership. 

"Inspired by tech giants and startups, we see the agile operating model as a vital tool for organizations to embrace increasing change and complexity and thrive in the digital space"
Jesper Kjerside, Partner at QVARTZ

Download the white paper below to learn more about how companies can unleash the power of their organizations by applying an agile operating model. For more information, please contact Jesper Kjerside or Morten Askholm