Public sector leaders: Let's digitalize

The world is changing at a steadily increasing speed and volume, affecting the foundation of nation states, societal structures, business life and individuals. The global is becoming local, manual work is becoming automated and knowledge is available anywhere – at any given time. Established socio-economic mechanisms, labor market structures, the educational system and the labor division between the public, private and civilian sectors are all in motion. It has been called the fourth industrial revolution, and the public administration also feels its implications as this sector is deeply integrated in all parts of society.

Together with Microsoft, QVARTZ has spoken to over 40 public sector organizations across Denmark and Sweden about digital transformation and what opportunities and challenges they see on the digital horizon.

Download the white paper on digitalization in the Danish public sector here or contact Christian Sparrevohn for more information.

Download the white paper on digitalization in the Swedish public sector below or contact Jerker Rosander for more information.