Understanding the new era

The world is changing faster than ever before. We are referring to this change as a revolution – the fourth of its kind – but what is remarkable about this revolution is the pace at which change is happening. Our customers are engaging in new ways and demonstrating completely new behaviors. New business models are arising in ways that, at first glance, may seem random. Product innovation is happening with an ease that is enviable. And the traditional definition of an organization, the notion of mobilizing a network of human resources and capabilities to pull in the same direction, is disappearing as companies are forced to adapt to the digital world and employees to new ways of working.

We have initiated this report to create a benchmark. By looking at the pioneers in digitization among Danish companies and studying their best practices, we can learn from their experience – and we can create a framework to better understand the initiatives and the progress we are making towards the new world.


Download the white paper below to get insights on how corporate executives from the largest Danish companies envision digital transformation. For more information, contact Christian Sparrevohn.