Where is this digital transformation in the German healthcare sector leading to? To answer this, we interviewed 60+ board members, managing directors, division managers and market experts from the German healthcare sector about how they assess recent digitalization trends, what strategies the players in the market are pursuing and how the regulatory framework will change. Together with the expertise of QVARTZ healthcare experts, who have accompanied numerous digitalization projects in the past years, their assessments constitute the core of our study.

Our analyses have shown a high disruptive potential. Future medical supply will be digital, paperless, interactive and individual. In our report, we have incorporated a number of scenarios that established service providers and insurers have to face to survive in the market:

  • Digitalization is particularly driven by increasing expectations from patients for whom digitalized processes and products have become a matter of course
  • Connecting as many services as possible is regarded as a key success factor in order to serve patients comprehensively and at the same time to collect multiple data to enrich them. A small number of strongly networked players will be able to assert themselves in the market
  • Patients’ supply will become more efficient and of high quality due to the opportunities of artificial intelligence while the roles of patients, doctors and other service providers are changing
  • As many processes become digitalized and automated, a profound change of culture and capabilities is required

Download the full whitepaper below (in German) or contact Dr. Andreas Gebhardt or Dr. Frauke Wildvang for more information about digitalization in the healthcare sector.