In the modern-day business world, few businesses would say they appreciate complexity. Many companies have been battling product portfolio complexity for decades in order to regain control over ballooning costs and eroding margins, but few have managed to do so successfully and sustainably. While we believe simplicity is vital, that does not mean that complexity in itself is inherently negative. The truth is that the challenge is not to eliminate complexity as a whole, but to have just the right amount of it.

Together with some of the leading companies in the field of simplicity management, QVARTZ has developed a pragmatic and to the point approach for firstly identifying and secondly realizing the benefits of simplicity management. We have identified the key points and processes required in order to balance the need for variation and the cost of complexity.

Dowload our white paper on simplicity management which also includes a self-test that will disclose how far your business has come. For more information, please contact Peter-John Liberoth or Anna Månsson