Five inconvenient truths and a word of encouragement about your operating model

"Operating model” may sound like a dull and strangely nondescript term with little inherent meaning. It has a technical air about it, and on the face of it, it seems a lot less appealing than working with world-conquering strategies, innovation and everything related to disruption. But think of your operating model as the vehicle that allows – or prevents – the translation of your strategic intent into operational capabilities and, ultimately, into reality. In short, your operating model determines your organization's ability to execute what it intends to do. It is as important as that.

In an age where businesses on a daily basis are struck by news of disruptive technologies and the need for digitalizing their offering, it is only natural that they have an increased focus on their external surroundings. However, too often this happens at the expense of inwards focus, meaning that organizational leaders forget to align and develop internally in their eagerness to respond to external change. Their strategy and operating model fall increasingly out of sync with each other. The CEO and Chairman often shine in the strategy process – but they virtually ignore the operating model.

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