Quest for oil


In June 2013, Maersk Oil and Maersk Drilling opened the door to the virtual world of oil exploration through Quest for Oil, a freely distributed gaming experience. The game emerged as a result of Maersk’s own quest to spread awareness about the oil industry and reach a younger, global talent pool.

Over 40 million people have been reached Worldwide

Quest for Oil has been played in over 188 countries

The number of game plays totals more than 300,000

Average game time is more than 30 minutes

Game trailer

Quest for Oil is truly innovative in its ability to combine informational and educational elements in a format that appeals to players’ competitive instincts.

“Most people take for granted that we have oil and natural gas and not many people understand what it takes to find and produce it. It’s a sophisticated, fascinating industry and Quest for Oil offers everybody a glimpse of what oil and gas exploration is all about today”

Jakob Thomasen, CEO of Maersk Oil

Quest for oil received extensive international media coverage


Watch drillers from Maersk play Quest for Oil. Gaming breaks down a process into manageable tasks, but links them clearly to big-picture evolution. Thus, it can be used for educational purposes both internally in the organisation and externally. With Quest for Oil, Maersk has tapped into the gamification trend and the potential it holds for creating social engagement. Gamification merges usability and behavioural psychology to appeal to user needs, encouraging collaboration and motivation by associating actions with results.

Go on a quest for oil yourself. Download the game right here.