Redefining medical procurement to reap mutual benefits


The healthcare systems of Western, industrialised nations will face significant challenges in the years to come. Ageing populations and declining numbers of healthcare workers increase the costs and threaten the quality of care. In response to this changing customer landscape, OneMed has developed a new proposition to the healthcare systems, introducing performance and cost improvements as an integrated part of the offering.

Strong presence in 10 countries in Northern and Eastern Europe
Net sales of about SEK 3 billion
In December 2010, OneMed was acquired by 3i – an international investor in private equity, infrastructure and debt management, investing in Europe, Asia and North America

Positioning for the future in healthcare

The idea is simple. As a supplier of medical equipment to the healthcare industry, OneMed has full overview of what is prescribed to the individual patient and can follow patient flows. This allows OneMed to forecast or correct prescription mistakes or inefficiencies swiftly. By proactively correcting these situations, OneMed can prevent unnecessary processes and costs to the healthcare system. And the potential is huge: up to 20% of the combined spend pool. The solution, however, is complex. To proactively forecast and correct actions, systems must be well integrated with the healthcare providers’ systems. Further, it requires expertise and co-operation between the healthcare system and OneMed to capture the savings. This is nevertheless the journey
OneMed is about to embark on – to help the healthcare system succeed while creating a significant competitive advantage.