Are you an experienced professional?

February 14, 2013

Are you an experienced professional?

Our civilisation in Oslo is growing. Therefore, we are on the lookout for consultants with experience from management consulting or a leadership position in the industry.

We offer you the opportunity to take part in building a first-tier management consulting company, centered on the ability to solve complex problems fast and with the flexibility required by today’s executive decision makers.

Personality and diversity matter to us. We see our colleagues as individuals and citizens to support and develop, and we look for candidates who demonstrate the right balance of analytical capabilities and interpersonal skills. It is not enough to understand our clients’ business; you also have to understand their culture.

We expect that you:

  1. Have held a leadership position in the industry or worked in management consulting for at least three years
  2. Demonstrate strong analytical skills
  3. Are able to tackle and solve complex projects, and are motivated by engaging and mobilizing both clients and colleagues Are a source of inspiration for your colleagues and clients
  4. Have the ability to co-create solutions and develop competences together with the client
  5. Have strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to listen and understand other people
  6. Are willing to take part in developing our civilization and client base

We offer:

  1. Leadership through followership – exposure to client and company issues as well as leadership opportunities from an early stage
  2.  Individualized career development and ownership – working with complex problems for intriguing clients and participating in our structured Academy programme
  3. An opportunity to influence – taking ownership of your own career and building results and relationships through actively pursuing opportunities and bringing innovative perspectives to our civilisation