Attractive growth pockets in Europe

November 25, 2012

Attractive growth pockets in Europe

Europe is not only figures in the red. Growth pockets can be found, and the current crisis also entails opportunities waiting to be exploited. This is the conclusion of the latest QVARTZ Barometer survey.

Budget deficits, euro crisis, recession; the news media certainly paints a depressing picture of the state of affairs in Europe. But the media and many others tend to neglect the fact that the crisis also provides opportunities to capture market shares and acquire companies at a substantial discount.

Indeed, there are troubled regions, and markets in Europe should be approached with caution. But attractive growth pockets can be found, and companies should adopt a focused regional approach to capture the potential based on in-depth knowledge about markets. This is the conclusion of the QVARTZ Barometer, which is based on a survey among more than 400 Danish companies conducted in co-operation with YouGov this past summer.

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The QVARTZ Barometer was printed in Børsen’s DK1000 magazine on September 20, 2012 along with the conclusions from the panel debate between the following participants: Søren Sørensen from Grundfos; Søren Schriver from Hummel; Jens-Peter Saul from Ramboll; Lykke Friis, MP for Venstre; Anders Wilhjelm from GEA Process Engineering; Anders Heede from BDO; Birgit Nørgaard, board member at DSV and Lindab; Miguel Kohlmann from Icopal and Jan Johan Kuhl from Polaris.

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