Carbon on the strategic agenda

June 12, 2009

QVARTZ has published a new book on carbon management. The book present case examples and tools to work succesfully with carbon strategies

Still more companies realise that they have to be far-sighted in their approach to climate issues, both for the sake of the earnings and competitiveness and for the sake of the environment

It is all about leading the way and seizing the opportunity that Danish companies have obvious chances to exploit – e.g. because other Danish companies have already gained significant goodwill globally.

Even though most companies today have decided to have a climate strategy, they are often unsure of practical questions such as content, organisation, scope, offsetting, etc. In order for a climate strategy to be succesful, you must be able to translate it into practice and communicate it to the outside world.

That is what this book helps you to do through concrete and case based recommendations and a number of useful tools based on case examples from Novo Nordisk, Danske Bank, Coop Danmark og the LEGO Group.

The book is also published as an audio book. This can be downloaded only if you are subscriber to Børsen. Login and download at