Career advice from Stine Bosse: leadership is about balance

January 27, 2014

Career advice from Stine Bosse: leadership is about balance

Bosse was invited to share her successes (and failures!) in juggling personal life with a top-management position in one of Denmark’s biggest insurance groups.

So what is Bosse’s recipe for reaching the top? Seizing opportunities when they present themselves and focusing on solving the task at hand. For her, leadership is about balance – between being cautious and taking risks, between short and long perspectives, between economic, organisational and people-related considerations, between men and women – both at work and at home. It’s about perseverance and staying put when times get tough. Moving forward can be hard sometimes, but it’s during these times that we learn the most about ourselves – both professionally and personally.

Career advice from Stine Bosse:

  • Be brave and seize opportunities when they appear – say yes if there’s an opportunity to learn
  • Be all of who you are and allow for insecurity
  • Let yourself be inspired by many people
  • Share your victories, encourage others and don’t be naïve
  • Focus on the task at hand. Don’t think about positioning yourself in the company
  • Focus simultaneously downwards, upwards and sideways in the organisation
  • Reflect on where you get your energy and where you lose it – use this to guide your life’s choices

Bosse has had an impressive career:  23 years in the insurance group Tryg – 12 years as part of the management and seven years as CEO. Stine is now president of the think tank Concito and is Chairman of the Board at Flügger,  the Royal Danish Theatre, Concito and Child fond Alliance, Denmark as well as a member of the Board at Allianz.