Connecting with Stern Stewart & Co. and ReD Associates

April 29, 2015

Connecting with Stern Stewart & Co. and ReD Associates

Expanding the outlook and learning from others can be crucial to stay relevant. Last week, we connected with our friends and partners from the Munich-based management consulting company, Stern Stewart & Co., who had chosen Copenhagen as the venue for their annual partner off-site.

The visit gave us opportunity to discuss how to strengthen the alliance between our two companies, and we discussed principles for working together, exchanged methodologies and planned common initiatives. More to come.Mikkel B. Rasmussen from ReD Associates also dropped by to talk about how human sciences and anthropology can be applied in a business context. QVARTZ and ReD Associates have worked together on several occasions to get beneath the surface of quantifiable behaviours and understand what Mikkel calls “the big unknowns”. The Stern Stewart partners was impressed, and we hope to see joint projects there as well.

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