Danish consultants in Norwegian adventure

February 16, 2010

To succeed in Norway, you have to work in the energy sector – it is that simple. QVARTZ has acted out this strategy. By merging with Innovation AS, QVARTZ now stands as one of the strongest strategic consultancies in Norway.

Two and a half years ago, QVARTZ established an office in Oslo and today the office has more than doubled its size when merging with Innovation AS. This development means that QVARTZ is able to cut of two years of the initial development curve that would have been inevitable, had the consolidation not been a reality.

Norway is not the final stop for QVARTZ. Within the next five years, QVARTZ  plans to expand to other parts of the world, Sweden being the next stop. The merger with Innovation AS is the first step in the Nordic venture, but Sweden can expect a visit from QVARTZ in the nearest future. “Our clients’ value chains become more and more fragmented and as a result we ourselves need to consider a geographical fragmentation. So within a period of five years, I am rather confident that we exist in other parts of the world”, says CEO Torsten Hvidt.

The merger with Innovation AS means that the staff in Norway increases from 9 to 22 employees and that QVARTZ now has a total of more than 90 employees.

The story “Danske konsulenter på norsk eventyr” was published on www.business.dk on February 16th, 2010.