Our differences unite us

January 20, 2017

Our differences unite us

Today marks the last day of Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency. Loved, hated, mocked and cherished – there have been many testaments to the character of America’s 44:th president.

One of the most beautiful is the short correspondence between Obama and 10-year-old Sophia Bailey-Klugh, the daughter of a gay couple, who asks for advice on how to handle bullies. A key part of Obama’s answer is that “our differences unite us”. We try our best to live by the same principle and be inclusive in everything we do and say. A key pillar in our civilisation is to embrace diversity and make use of individual differences. Barack and Sophia’s correspondence is a part of Shaun Usher’s amazing Letters of Note, an online gathering of thought-provoking correspondences, with over 100 million visitors. Shaun visited our offices at the end of 2015 to read us some of his favourite letters. It was an iconic moment and Shaun’s work remains a source of inspiration to us.

You can find the Obama and Bailey-Klugh letters here.

(Picture source: Huffington Post; Image of Obama via)