Eat or be eaten

September 28, 2011

Eat or be eaten

Good ownership structures will secure leading positions on the global market for Danish companies. This is the conclusion reached by ten top executives and the latest QVARTZ Barometer survey.

The financial crisis is not over, and this can be felt among Danish companies. They find themselves in a difficult position: they fight for survival and action must be taken. Without a clear and focused strategy, they may become the losers on the international battlefield.

This is the conclusion of the QVARTZ Barometer, which is based on a survey among 405 Danish companies  conducted in co-operation with YouGov during the autumn of 2010 and the spring of 2011.

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According to the Danish top executives, who participated in a panel debate hosted by QVARTZ on the subject, only the best owner of a company has the necessary competitive edge to survive on the global market. The companies focusing on what they define as good leadership are also the ones who do well during tough times like these. Hence, it is disturbing that two thirds of the companies in the survey only to a very limited extent consider whether their current ownership structure is optimal for the company’s future development.

The QVARTZ Barometer was printed in Børsen’s DK1000 magazine as well as in Børsen on September 28, 2011 along with the conclusions from the panel debate between the following ten top executives: Jesper Brandgaard from Novo Nordisk, Søren P. Olesen from Flügger, Kristian May from MT Højgaard, Lasse Bolander from Coop, Mette Kirstine Agger from Lundbeckfonden Ventures, Mikael Thinghuus from Royal Greenland, Bent Erik Carlsen from Vestas, Peter Korsholm from EQT Partners, Thomas Stig Plensborg from CBS and Jørn Ankær Thomsen from Schouw & Co.

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