El Capitan

June 13, 2016

El Capitan

The QVARTZ team is very happy to announce that Niclas Næstoft Jakobsen, 36 years of age, will assume the role of Office Manager in the iconic Copenhagen office, where the QVARTZ adventure began.

Niclas joined QVARTZ in 2004, after completing his master’s degree at Copenhagen Business School and the University of Texas. He was overwhelmed to get a total of 25 colleagues. Since then, Niclas has worked for a range of leading companies in the Nordic energy sector, and also on a number of large projects for the Danish Ministry of Finance. During the last couple of years, Niclas has advised leading global and regional private equity funds on some of the largest and most crucial transactions in the Danish market.

Niclas was elected partner in QVARTZ in 2012; the youngest partner in the history of the firm at the time, and went on to co-lead our internal strategy process in 2015. The latter is legendary on many accounts, not least because Niclas, upon revealing the final version of the strategy, had the main components body-painted on his chest.

Today, QVARTZ employs 250 compañeros in the Nordics. Approximately half of these work out of the Copenhagen office, where Niclas now takes the steering wheel with a clear agenda; continuation of the adventure.

We salute the new captain of Ryesgade, and look forward to the journey ahead. As always.