Engaging your audience with storytelling

December 10, 2015

Engaging your audience with storytelling

The art of creating an engaging presentation is much more than structuring data. Stories have the power to move people and are a key component in creating transformational change.

Therefore, we hosted an event on storytelling for a group of students to provide them with insider tricks about how you transform a business issue into a compelling story. The students were asked to turn a handful of case slides into a storyline, using the key elements of engaging storytelling that our colleague and communications wizard Rasmus Sørensen had introduced.

According to him, a good story is personal, engaging, visual, honest, passionate and contextualized in a way that makes it relevant to the audience. Considering what you want your listener to take-out rather than what you want to say is another key element in engaging your audience.

In the end, the students presented their stories, taking these storytelling tricks into account, and we were truly impressed with their contributions and energy. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the event.