Large B2B companies at the digital forefront

November 19, 2013

Large B2B companies at the digital forefront

QVARTZ has had a hand in both Danish prize winning projects at the Internationalist Award for Innovative Digital Solutions. Congratulations to Maersk Oil and Vestas.

On Thursday November 14, two large Danish B2B companies were awarded for their innovative digital solutions at this year’s Internationalist Award for Innovative Digital Solutions in New York. Maersk Oil’s subsurface gaming experience Quest for Oil and Vestas’ pro-wind campaign Act on Facts, won bronze and gold, respectively. QVARTZ’s communications and marketing strategy practice supported both in developing and rolling out the award-winning digital concepts.

“Many B2B companies have realised that there is an immense potential in using digital and social media technology to target audiences that are otherwise difficult to reach, at a relatively low cost”, says David Heilmann, Engagement Partner and Digital Strategist at QVARTZ. “Quest for Oil and Act on Facts are two examples of how business strategy can be converted into effective activation concepts, thus creating awareness and engaging stakeholders in new ways”.

Quest for Oil is a freely distributed and social media-integrated real time strategy game which unfolds the relatively unknown universe of oil exploration. The purpose is to increase awareness of Maersk Oil and Maersk Drilling’s activities, promote stakeholder dialogue and attract talents by supplying knowledge of the oil drilling industry in a different way. Quest for Oil has already reached 40 million people around the globe.

Watch the game trailer or try out the game.

Vestas’ Act on Facts campaign aims to counter anti-wind power movements by providing fact-based information about misconceptions related to wind energy, diffusing information on pro-wind activities and delivering vox pop video content. The campaign is currently being rolled at a global scale.