Lawyers have to learn how to sell

March 14, 2010

More and more law firms are aiming at creating a more sales oriented culture. The objective is to increase earnings and to get the employees to nurture their relations in order to build a stronger business foundation.

Increased competition among the Danish law firms is forcing them to build up a stronger sales culture. Traditionally, lawyers have never had to think in sales at all, their professional competences have been more than enough to attract new clients and new projects. However, times have changed and this is why the 5th biggest law firm in Denmark, LETT, has recently completed an extensive sales project called “Lett’s Sell” focusing on coaching the partners in how to maintain and build new relations and improve their ability to sell their services.

“We are in a different market now and this is why we have decided to train our partners in the art of selling. They need to learn how to strengthen their relations and create sale now and in the future in order for us to be able to strengthen our business foundation,” says Michael Valentin, Marketing- and Communications Manager at LETT.

To ensure an effective course and to learn the lawyers to change their mindsets, LETT have chosen to include QVARTZ as sales coaches and partners. We have run the process and coached every one of the partners in order to create an understanding of the necessity of sales, but also to be able to set concrete and individual goals and provide the lawyers with the tools needed in order to create a successful sale. Focus has been on strengthening relations in the lawyers’ network and to create a more structured sales work.

The story “Advokater skal lære at sælge” was published in Børsen on March 15, 2010.