Management consultants are worth their weight in gold

March 25, 2011

It is no longer just a theory but a fact that the work of a consultant is worth every dime.

A recent survey conducted by the Management Consultancies Association covering 1,800 projects for both the private and the public sector concluded that the customer gets an average of 6 pounds in return whenever spending 1 pound on management consultants.

Although the survey is based on the UK market, the financial return from Danish management consulting companies is equivalent.

Managing Partner in QVARTZ, Hans Henrik Beck, believes that the high profits from consulting services come as a result of a close co-operation between the customer and the consultant. “It takes two to tango,” Beck explains. Mutual commitment throughout the process is crucial to achieve excellent and lasting results.

Hans Henrik Beck continues that the public sector is a good example of a domain where management consulting skills could lead to better results. As the public sector faces major challenges now and in the future, rethinking and innovative solutions are needed to continuously become more streamlined and effective.

The story Konsulentkroner kommer mangfoldigt igen was published in DI business on August 23, 2010.