New Engagement Partner in QVARTZ’s Copenhagen office

March 3, 2014

New Engagement Partner in QVARTZ’s Copenhagen office

Andreas Wester Hansen joins QVARTZ in Copenhagen on March 3 as Engagement Partner.

Andreas started his diverse career as a political reporter in the year 2000 and had a stay in Learning Lab before he joined the Danish Ministry of Finance in 2004, where he worked on issues related to strategy, cost optimisation and digitalisation. In this job he worked with many consultancies and after seven years he joined Boston Consulting Group in 2011, working almost exclusively with the public sector.

It is thus one of the strongest public sector consultants in Denmark that now joins the ranks of QVARTZ. Andreas will assist in further accelerating the growth that QVARTZ is experiencing within the public sector and will add expertise and leadership to our practice and participate in driving our client engagements. Andreas will also work in adjacent industries including state-owned enterprises.

Andreas comes with an unusually diverse background. He holds an MBA from London Business School, an Msc in Political Science from Copenhagen, a Master’s degree in Cultural Studies from University of London and an Honours degree in International Relations from Cape Town.

Andreas is known as a strong problem solver, a great project manager and a skilled people developer. He comes highly commended by his clients. We are confident that he will contribute greatly to the continued growth and development of QVARTZ both externally and internally.

“I truly look forward to joining QVARTZ and to meet everyone. I strongly believe QVARTZ is well positioned for major success in the PS space. This is a huge and fantastically interesting market and something that I am confident will contribute significantly to the further growth of QVARTZ in the coming years,” says Andreas.

The signing of Andreas Wester Hansen in Copenhagen follows three significant partner signings in Oslo, in Stockholm and Copenhagen.