Pursuing the winning formula

September 29, 2010

The ability to constantly adapt your business in a turbulent world economy is of vital importance to companies’ survival. This is the conclusion reached by eight top executives and the newest QVARTZ Barometer.

There are no easy ways or short cuts to ensuring the success of Danish companies or even their survival under the new world order formed by the last couple of years’ financial and economic crises. Companies from China and India are storming ahead in Europe and the rest of the world with their lower production costs placing immense pressure on Danish companies.

he Danish top executives are, however, still optimistic and feel that they are just as able to resist the pressure on their turnover and their earnings as their competitors. This is the conclusion of the QVARTZ Barometer, which is based on a survey among 417 Danish top executives and conducted by YouGov Zapera during the summer of 2010.

The survey shows that some of the apparent challenges are increased competition on price and topline, more volatile customer bases and increasing demands for product and service quality.

The QVARTZ Barometer was printed in Børsen’s DK1000 magazine and in the actual paper on September 29, 2010 along with conclusions from the panel debate between the following eight top executives: Eva Berneke from TDC, Peter Straarup from Danske Bank, Jesper Møller from the Toms Group, Lars Rasmussen from Coloplast, Thomas Hofman-Bang from NKT, Søren Olesen from Flügger, Allen Søgaard Larsen from Falck and Steen Weirsøe from DT Group.

Read more about the survey and the views of the top executives on how to manage in a globalised world and on how to quickly adapt to the current economy. Download the article in Børsen’s DK1000.