QVARTZ among the best consulting companies to work for in Europe.

October 8, 2015

QVARTZ among the best consulting companies to work for in Europe.

This week, Vault’s 2016 consulting ranking for Europe and the Middle East was published. It’s based on a survey distributed among almost 3,000 professionals that rate and comment on various aspects of life at their firms such as job satisfaction, prestige and culture.

The results of the survey show that the main reasons why people chose to work for QVARTZ are our clients, the type of work we do, our business outlook as well as our culture. In fact, the culture at QVARTZ scores third best in Europe, the overall job satisfaction also puts us in a number three position. Furthermore, QVARTZ is on the top-five list when it comes to ability to challenge, client interaction and relationships with supervisors, among others.

We are grateful for comments such as the ones below, made by anonymous colleagues in the Vault survey.

“QVARTZ has the strongest company culture I’ve ever experienced anywhere […]. There is a very flat hierarchy and I speak with partners on a regular basis—also the ones that I have never been on a project with. […] we call ourselves a civilisation, and that’s how we behave and act around each other.”

“Extremely strong and robust career model for everyone from entry level to partner, which sets development across skills and levels in focus. This leads to a very strong feedback culture both from seniors to juniors –but equally important –from juniors to seniors.”

Such testaments set the bar for the future at QVARTZ.