April 9, 2017


– adding NEW CORE COMPETENCES as well as offices in NEW YORK and HAMBURG

QVARTZ acquires a majority stake in Vertical Strategy, an innovative consultancy specialised in creating new (digital) business models, incubation and customer experiences. Furthermore, we have established an office in New York City and are in the final (legal) stages of a merger with a strategy consulting firm in Germany.

During the last few years, many of our clients have elevated themes like disruptive (digital) business models, incubation/innovation and customer experience to the top of their strategic agenda. In order to deliver world-class solutions within this domain, we have utilised partnerships with specialists. One of the companies we have worked with is Vertical, a specialised consulting company working on cutting edge projects such as the “Future Mobility Concept” at Airbus, revolving around the development of flying cars and the MobileLife incubator at Danske Bank.

Based on our successful joint projects, the high demand among our clients and not least our shared Nordic values, we have now formalised the partnership with Vertical by acquiring a majority stake in the company. Given that they are different from us, and should cultivate their “spike”, both in terms of employee profiles, knowledge and approach, Vertical will keep their name, offices and leadership. However, in order to secure full alignment and avoid all sub-optimisation, we will move much closer, and embark on a joint journey when it comes to clients and internationalisation.

On May 1, we will open a QVARTZ office in New York, establishing a footprint in the most critical market for many of our clients. The timing of this move is related to a prolonged project for one of the most prestigious companies in the US. On top of that, we are happy to say that our US pipeline looks very promising.

Furthermore, we are in the final (legal) stages of a merger with a strategy consulting firm in Germany, which is the most important market in Europe to almost all our clients. We have been working closely together with our new German colleagues for a year and a half, and this period has shown us that we share the same values, beliefs and quality standards.

After the first victory in North Africa, Winston Churchill famously said: “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning”. And perhaps these three major milestones: Vertical, New York and Hamburg, also signify “the end of the beginning” for QVARTZ. We are no longer the same, although our fundamental values and beliefs remain unchanged. We are no longer a Nordic company, although we remain loyal to our Nordic heritage and continue to base our work on the same fundamental approach. We are now moving on – from where we are, not who we are.

Read the article about the merger with Vertical in the Danish newspaper Børsen (in Danish) and the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (in Norwegian).

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