Return on diversity: fostering female leadership

March 25, 2015

Return on diversity: fostering female leadership

At QVARTZ, we have an ambition to change the management consulting industry from within, also when it comes to the share of female leaders.

Therefore, we have started the QVARTZ Women Leadership initiative (QWL), an internal community for female consultants, which serves as a forum for debate and aims to drive initiatives enhancing gender diversity and to provide support and inspiration.

The other day, QWL hosted one such inspirational event. All our female consultants met to discuss how we can further enhance gender diversity, and we had invited Janne Moltke-Leth, CEO of Paustian, and Lovisa Söderholm, EVP at Kongsberg Automotives, to speak about leadership and their personal experiences.

Our devotion to fostering diversity is rooted in our values, as it is our firm belief that having diverse teams will lead to better outcomes when working with our clients as well as a better working culture. This belief is shared by Janne Moltke-Leth, who besides being a CEO is also the author of Myter om Magten (Myths about Power), a book about the myths surrounding female leadership in Denmark. According to her, there has been a shift in how people talk about gender in business. Previously, the most common question regarding female leadership was “why do we have to work with this?”, whereas now, people ask “how can we change this?”. Because by now it is widely recognised that there is a “return on diversity”, as it has been proven to promote innovation and create a better working environment as well as a positive bottom line effect.

Our second speaker, Lovisa Söderholm, has had an impressive career in rather male-dominated industries. She gave a personal account of how she has navigated her professional life and provided some good advice to the crowd. She encouraged everyone to keep looking for new challenges, to clearly express what they want and to continuously build their network and personal brand.