Stop the cliches

February 5, 2010

When turnover drops with more than 30 percent as has happened to many companies in the last couple of years, managers need to do more than stand in front of their employees and share empty platitudes like “now it is time to roll up the sleeves and work hard” or “the crisis creates new opportunities”. Now it is time for honesty and simplicity.

Lars Bo Hansen, partner at QVARTZ, is the author of the book “Leading in turbulent times” and he suggests that managers get down from the idealistic helicopter and step back into reality and focus on the most essential parameters for growth and stability in their company. Top management needs to move closer to operations, slim the agenda and prioritise the efforts of both the employees and themselves. The important thing is to focus the energy on the areas that need it the most.

A vital approach to more efficient management is to ensure a match between the expectations of the employees and the management. The management should not be afraid of confrontation. The essential thing is to find a balance between natural and necessary division of power, knowledge and responsibility and to be honest about the situation of the company – even when there are no answers and nothing but insecurity.

The story “Kom så ned fra den helikopter” was published in the Danish news paper Børsen on February 5th 2010.