The anatomy of tomorrow’s winners

September 30, 2009

The aftermath of the financial crisis will give birth to a new anatomy of winning companies. The ability to anticipate market developments, customer closeness and an agile organisation backed by strong, decisive leadership is what will set apart tomorrow’s winners from their loosing peers.

During the fall of 2009, QVARTZ conducted a survey of 432 Danish companies across a variety of industries with the objective to identify the key factors that enables some companies to outperform their peers throughout and beyond the financial crisis.

Our study found that 27 percent of the companies surveyed did significantly better than their comparable industry peers. We refer to these as “tomorrow’s winners”.

Tomorrow’s winners are found across all industry segments and within different sizes of companies. However, our survey reveals some striking characteristics of the winners.

To add practical flavour to our survey conclusions, we also engaged in in-depth discussions on the survey results with top executives from leading Nordic corporations.

These discussions not only added flavour, they also added new insights into the underlying fundaments of how to manage successfully through the crisis. And the conclusions that we are now able to draw may be somewhat surprising.

What distinguish “tomorrow’s winners” from their comparable industry peers is not superior technologies, access to favourable channels of distributions or excellent financial control systems. It is much more simple.

“Tommorow’s winners” are those companies that:

* Anticipate market developments “Market Anticipation”
* Are closest to their customers “Customer Closeness”
* Translate these insight into actions “Organisational Agility”
* Demonstrate strong leadership “Confront & Cope with Reality”

The survey and interviews were printed in Børsen’s magazine DK1000 and in the newspaper Børsen, September 30, 2009.
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