Torsten’s big five-oh

March 7, 2017

Torsten’s big five-oh

Hip hip hooray! Today, we celebrate the 50:th birthday of QVARTZ Co-founder Torsten Hvidt. Torsten is a true veteran in the field of management consulting, having been in the game for the past 20 years.

As the CPO (Chief Philosophy Officer) of QVARTZ, Torsten is a strong believer in capitalistic humanism, and of the strong conviction that in any given situation, people are the core. Torsten’s relentless focus on people has played a significant role in the building of the strong culture that signifies QVARTZ today – internally and externally. Torsten sees relations and dialogues as crucial components in a civilisation, and always finds the time for a chat – regardless of how busy he is. Besides being a driving force in terms of culture, Torsten is also well-versed in classic literature and somewhat of a walking encyclopedia of meaningful quotes fit for every important occasion. Danish newspapers Berlingske and Børsen have both observed Torsten’s birthday.

Read one of them here (in Danish).