Use your customers’ complaints constructively

August 11, 2009

Embrace your complaints and take them seriously – this may very well be a way to improve your products and services.

Complaints from your customers are never fun to receive or at all pleasant to listen to. But they are never the less important. “It is far better to receive the complaints and thereby gain an insight into what you need to do better, than if you never find out why your customers choose one of your competitors – and not you,” Birgitte Dalsberg, Partner in QVARTZ, underlines.

At QVARTZ, it is our experience that many companies do not focus enough on how to handle the complaints they receive. If you work systematically with the handling of customer complaints, the information can be used to develop the business and make sure that the products live up to the customers’ demands.

The story “Brug klager fra dine kunder konstruktiv” was printed in the Danish newspaper, ErhvervsBladet, August 11, 2009