The marketing capability self test


A capability assessment is an important element in the marketing transformation towards mastering the 10 marketing disciplines. Answer the questions below and find out what your baseline is for delivering the expected marketing value.

The 10 marketing disciplines: Your capability baseline

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Brand architecture, positioning and management

Is your brand position and architecture clearly defined, unique and relevant – and do you proactively anchor your brand promises with internal people and manage your reputation externally?

Strategic planning, effectiveness and partnerships

Do you plan your own and partner-driven marketing activities based on effectiveness/ROI insights?

Insight and data-driven marketing (incl. Big Data)

Do you systematically and continuously leverage deep customer and market insights and analytics in your marketing operations?

Agile and automated marketing

Have you deployed automated and agile core marketing processes, enabling real-time engagement of customers?

Marketing innovation

Do you innovate new marketing concepts and value propositions in a systematic and insight-driven manner – co-created with other commercial functions?



Integrated marketing activation and media engagement

Do you manage integrated marketing activities effectively across paid, owned and earned media and localities?

1:1 marketing/CRM

Do you deliver personalised customer communication and content at the right time through the right channels?

Digital marketing (search/paid/owned/earned)

Do you support a strong omnichannel experience through a coherent portfolio of digital media channels (mobile-enabled), and effectively deploy SEO/SEM/retargeting tactics?

Content marketing

Do you recruit and retain your customers through branded and user-generated content?

Customer experience management

Do you systematically manage execution of your brand promises across critical customer journeys and touchpoints?


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