Wind for prosperity


Wind for Prosperity is Vestas’ new, innovative business model, which by cross-mapping global wind currents and health data, plans to bring energy to more than one million people in developing countries over the next three years. The project couples robust, factory-refurbished wind turbines to advanced diesel powered generators to create a hybrid system well-suited for operation on mini-grids in remote locations with limited infrastructure.

billion people live without access to affordable and reliable electricity

million people and more live in areas with poverty and abundant wind resources

million people and more will be affected by Wind for Prosperity within the next three years

wind turbines will be deployed in rural communities through Wind for Prosperity

Wind for Prosperity explained

It’s not charity, it’s not philanthropy and it’s not development aid – it’s a new, innovative, commercially-viable business model.

“It’s about proving that there is a sweet spot between capitalism and humanism. You can earn money and at the same time impact the quality of life for millions of people”

Morten Albæk, Vestas Group CVP and CMO

Richard Branson on business as a force of good

What do you get when you map global wind data sets against child mortality rates? A new commercial initiative delivering clean, reliable electricity to more than one million people in poor communities over the next two years. According to business magnate and founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, “Wind for Prosperity has enormous potential to change millions of lives forever while sustaining our planet and turning a profit”.

“We decided we wanted to develop a technology solution that is also a commercial solution, and it will enable us to bring wind energy to millions of people. Finding the technology solution hasn’t been the most difficult thing. The most difficult part is designing a business model that makes it attractive to investors, local business partners and the society”

Morten Albæk, Vestas Group CVP and CMO

Wind for prosperity has blown through international news media

Wind for Prosperity Vision

Wind for Prosperity’s vision is to bring wind hybrid solutions to 100 of the poorest communities on the planet and to more than 1 million people living in significant poverty. Wind for Prosperity will create a world of new opportunities by accelerating access to clean water, healthcare, irrigation, education, communications infrastructure and other social and economic benefits.

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