The laws of
management consulting

As a management consultant, you tackle and solve complicated issues, and use your analytical skills to create implementable solutions. These are the laws. At QVARTZ, we make our own additions to the laws, because we believe that lasting impact also stems from the ability to engage and mobilise client organisations and work together as a team. On April 5, we invite curious law students to our office in Ryesgade to learn more about management consulting the QVARTZ way.

In an informal setting, we will do our very best to provide insights into our business, our culture and everyday life at QVARTZ. You will meet some of our consultants up close and get the chance to try out one of the most essential tools of the consulting toolbox. We will round off the evening with informal chats over great food and drinks.

Time: April 5, from 17:00-22:00-ish
Place: Ryesgade 3A, Copenhagen

Apply below no later than March 25. The event is open to all law students. If you have any questions, please contact Lea Segeri.


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