The secret to being a

good consultant

Being a good consultant is not only about being good at solving problems. It is also about understanding the needs of your client and being an excellent listener. As a Junior Consultant at QVARTZ, you get to train these essential consulting skills and many more when working on projects side by side with full-time consultants. Join QVARTZ on April 12, where we give ambitious BSc students a taste of what it is like to be a Junior Consultant with us.

In a creative exercise, we will challenge you to use your imagination and your best listening skills when designing a new company headquarter for a client. Once your masterpiece is rock-solid and the client is satisfied, we will unwind with a bite to eat, cold drinks and informal chats. During the evening, you will meet QVARTZ Co-founder Torsten Hvidt and many of our current JCs who are ready to share their personal stories about QVARTZ and the work we do.

When: April 12, 17:00-21:00-ish
Where: Ryesgade 3A, 2200 Copenhagen

Sounds like your kind of night? Go ahead and apply below with your CV and grade transcripts no later than April 5. The event is open to all BSc students. If you have any questions, please reach out to Emma Schaefer.


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