Conformity never changed the world

At QVARTZ, we are on a continuous journey. From our Nordic outset, we have expanded into the US, Singapore, Germany and the Netherlands. We follow our clients around the globe, constantly exploring new opportunities to build our company and change the management consulting industry from within.

Our Oslo office is growing at a fast pace and we are working on intriguing projects for some of the biggest Norwegian companies. Therefore, we are currently looking for talented and entrepreneurial people with analytical & creative minds and big hearts to join us in Oslo as full-time consultants and take part in our journey towards unknown lands, helping our clients solve mission-critical business issues. More specifically, we are looking for master’s students who:

  • Combine curiosity with strong analytical skills and excellent academic records
  • Are characterised by a high level of drive, and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Possess a solid balance of intellectual capabilities and excellent people skills
  • Are passionate about management consulting and building our civilisation

Fill out the application form here. If you have any questions, please reach out to Kristine Berg Meland.