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We want to accelerate great companies that are going somewhere, and we want to build a company capable of changing the management consulting industry from within. We offer the opportunity to learn advanced problem solving and how to engage with impact, and at the same time take part in building our civilization. If you want to join a unified team of people who possess the right balance of intellectual capabilities and concrete social skills, keep on reading. We are always on the lookout for students, recent graduates and experienced hires with an entrepreneurial spirit and a high level of drive.

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The recruiting experience

Management consulting is a people business, and it is just as important for applicants to get to know us as it is for us to get to know them. Therefore, the QVARTZ recruiting experience combines personal interviews, a numerical test and case exercises on business dilemmas. Candidates get to meet potential new colleagues up close and have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in problem solving and analytical reasoning. The elements of our recruitment process are the same across our offices, and we process all applications on an ongoing basis. Read more about our career offerings for students, recent graduates and experienced candidates below.


If you are interested in joining QVARTZ, please send us a complete application, including your motivational letter, CV and diplomas (including studies abroad) as well as your general certificate of secondary education or qualifying exam. If you have any questions, please check our FAQ below. If you still have unanswered questions, contact us at


Recruitment deadlines



For the inquisitive candidate

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. We offer different opportunities for students who want to try working as a management consultant. You can either become a junior consultant or an intern. Fore these positions, we typically recruit second- or third-year B.Sc. students (selected offices also recruit first-year M.Sc. students). We also offer full-time positions for newly or soon-to-be graduates.

We have finalized recruitments for this year and will ramp up again in 2020. You can keep updated on our website and LinkedIn for upcoming opportunities. You are also welcome to send your application now, but we will have to ask for your patience with our feedback until next recruitment round. The dates for this are yet to be decided in most offices.

We decided to ask a young consultant, who recently joined us, what advice he would give a potential future colleague. He says, “You can safely assume that your CV is good enough if you are invited to the camp. What’s left is to show your personality, and to demonstrate your ability to work in a group, as well as your analytical and problem-solving skills. Prepare by:

1. Thinking about how you want to interact with the rest of the group – both in group interviews and under less formal circumstances

2. Practicing problem-solving in a structured way (preferably without clinging too much to specific learnt-by-heart frameworks). Make sure you are familiar with the most common types of cases

3. Practicing some quick calculations without a calculator (it’s usually fine to use pen and paper though)

Thank you, Filip, for passing on these recommendations. We have also made a guide on how to prepare for the case interview. And a final word of advice: don’t forget to be yourself and have fun while you’re at it.

Admitted, we have a fair share of consultants with a background within business or economics, but our civilization does also count profiles within e.g. nanoscience, molecular biochemistry and even philosophy. Because your educational background is not what’s most important to us. We look for a combination of strong analytical and personal skills, as a good consultant is not only a problem-solver but also a major source of inspiration, who co-creates a solution and builds competences together with the customer. Therefore, it’s not enough to understand our clients’ business; you also have to understand their culture and be able to engage with different personalities and within different team structures.

Well, management consulting is rarely a 9-5 business as we work with top management on their most important challenges. However, we offer our consultants the opportunity to influence their own work life and career progression. We do this because we recognize that all human beings have different needs and interests, such as family priorities, life situations and sources of energy. And there are many different ways to be a good consultant. Through ongoing conversations, we strive to match personal wishes with project opportunities to balance learning focus, project intensity and career progression.

We require full working proficiency in English as we work globally, and consequently, a large part of the work we do is in English. That being said, we also serve many clients in their local language, so skills in the Scandinavian languages and/or German may be an advantage, but it is by no means a prerequisite. What is most important is that you find it motivational and exciting to help build QVARTZ as a company and a civilization.

As a point of departure, we expect new colleagues to make these arrangements themselves. QVARTZ is of course available for answering questions related to us as a company.

Online you have to be brief, which in itself is difficult for “wordies” like us. It’s an impossible task to fit into this format what you will learn as a management consultant. We are a people business. Our clients rely on us to co-drive impact in their organizations and teams, they look to us for knowledge, insight and execution power. Therefore, your personal and professional growth are crucial. In addition to early client exposure, on-the-job training and feedback, we have created the QVARTZ Academy. Our own in-house university with a unique curriculum designed to help you solve complex problems, engage with impact and understand yourself. You also get your personal QVARTZback, a more senior person that will guide you on your career path. We could go on and on…

Fortunately, the answer is yes! But not enough. It’s no secret that ensuring a sustainable career for all is a challenge all over the industry. Our ambition is to change the management consulting industry from within, also when it comes to the share of female consultants. Therefore, we have started QVARTZ Equality, an internal project group which aims at enhancing gender fairness in QVARTZ. The group is a platform for promoting a culture of inclusiveness and provides a forum for debate in addition to leadership training and inspirational events.

We like to say that we have a Nordic heritage but a global reach. This means that we emphasize co-operation on projects across our offices, so our consultants get to know each other and get to experience life and work in different business cultures. It also means that we follow our clients around the globe whenever necessary. Additionally, we offer consultants a chance to work with Australian strategy consulting firm Port Jackson Partners through a reciprocal exchange program. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will travel all the time. Our consultants can influence their own career progression and work life and this includes the degree of travelling.

There’s no easy answer to that, unfortunately. Everyone in QVARTZ is evaluated on an ongoing basis. Over time, consultants take on more responsibility and greater challenges with regard to project complexity, client relationships, leadership roles and project management. The ability to build relationships, lead internal efforts and contribute to the development of our civilization will increasingly play a larger role in the career progression. But being consultants, we have designed a model, of course. We can’t help it, it runs in our veins.

Our clients come from a broad range of industries and geographies. Common denominators are that they have complex problems and want to be great at what they do. You can read much more about our intriguing projects for our intriguing clients across many intriguing industries under Cases. Too much? We can’t help it. We love what we do!

We get asked this a lot. Our clients are the same as in the other tierone consulting companies, and we work within the same industries, often on the same kinds of projects. Churchill is rumored to have said: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”. We agree. It’s the sum of the small things that makes a big difference. At QVARTZ, people are the firm, it’s not the other way around. There’s not a mold that people must conform to in order to fit in. Rather our civilization is a dynamic concept shaped by the people in it. We don’t care for titles and corner offices; and we believe in situational rather than formal hierarchies. The sum of all this, the “thousand things a thousand times”, is really how we ourselves believe we stand out, and perhaps this is why it’s difficult to give one short answer to the question. If you want to read more about this, Huffington Post wrote a piece about us a while ago.

We will continue to follow the same procedures as prior to the announcement – i.e. your application will be handled according to our standard recruitment process. You can keep updated on our website and LinkedIn for upcoming opportunities. You are of course also welcome to send your application, but we will have to ask for your patience with our feedback until next recruitment rounds. The dates for this are yet to be decided in most offices.

We will continue to follow the same procedures as prior to the announcement – i.e. your application will be handled according to our standard recruitment process. We will of course reach out when there are any major updates on the intention to integrate with Bain & Company.

Nice to know

If you are new to consulting, do prepare for case interviews and the numerical test. Make sure you are familiar with the most common types of cases and try not to cling too much to specific learned-by-heart frameworks.


  • Practice some quick calculations without a calculator.
  • Reflect on who you are and how best to show your personality. Also consider how you want to interact with peers – both in group interviews and under less formal circumstances.
  • Download the QVARTZ case handbook for an introduction to case interviews and frameworks or read senior consultant Søren Engelbrekt's personal advice on how to best prepare here.

Students and recent graduates

If you are an ambitious student or soon-to-be graduate with a big heart that beats for management consulting, you can become part of our civilization as a full-time consultanta junior consultant or an intern.

We do our best to help QVARTZ consultants across all levels thrive and grow through our structured Academy program and by continually exposing them to new challenges. Over time, everyone is expected to take on more responsibility in terms of project complexity, relationship building, project/people management and in building our civilization. This is reflected in the progressive levels of our career model, each associated with additional responsibility and performance expectations.

Our consultants have many different backgrounds, the most common ones being MBAs or M.Sc. in business or economics, engineering or science. When you join QVARTZ as a consultant, you are assigned a QVARTZback: a personal mentor who will help and support you in your development. Moreover, all QVARTZ consultants belong to a community of peers, offering sparring, comradeship and cross-office bonding. At QVARTZ, we are proud to foster a strong culture where it is as important to be able to lead as it is to be led.

Interns and junior consultants

As a junior consultant or intern, you work on client projects side by side with the rest of the team, performing tasks such as data mining, analyses, fact-finding and preparation of presentations – just to mention a few. Junior consultants typically work 15-20 hours a week whereas an internship covers 4-10 intriguing full-time weeks, depending on the office and your course requirements.

Both choices present a unique opportunity for you to get to know us and experience management consulting first-hand. By offering student positions, we get the chance to nurture skilled consultants who may later integrate seamlessly into our civilization. In fact, most of them end up signing a full-time contract with us. Therefore, we invest strongly in our junior consultants and interns to make sure they are mentored and supported by experienced colleagues throughout their entire journey in QVARTZ.

Full-time consultants

If you are applying for a position as a full-time consultant, you are typically a second-year M.Sc. student or perhaps a recent graduate with 1-2 years of experience. To be eligible for a position as a junior consultant or intern, you should be a third-year B.Sc. student or an M.Sc. student. Whether your line of study is business, engineering, science or something completely different is not the decisive factor. What tips the scale is your strong analytical skills combined with an empathetic, courageous and curious personality.

Click here to get an overview of upcoming recruitment deadlines for full-time consultants, junior consultants and internships at our local offices.

Career path

JUNIOR CONSULTANTS work on client projects side by side with the rest of the team, performing tasks such as data mining, analyses, fact-finding and preparation of presentations.

CONSULTANTS work as an integrated part of client project teams and conduct insightful analyses and "so-whats" of client-ready quality.

SENIOR CONSULTANTS design and manage the analysis phase of a workstream and outline presentation structures, key messages and recommendations.

MANAGERS are our daily representatives at the client sites and are responsible for both the daily management of the team as well as for developing and anchoring recommendations with the client.

An ENGAGEMENT PARTNER is a partner-in-training and is focused on client impact, commercial relationship building, knowledge building, people leadership and various aspects of developing QVARTZ.

PARTNERS are at the core of leading and driving QVARTZ forward. They share the responsibility of improving existing relationships with clients and of developing and shaping new ones.


Have a sneak peek into the life of one of our consultants

Experienced hires

QVARTZ was founded upon a relentless desire to change management consulting from within. Today, we service many of the largest and most intriguing companies in our regions across the world, tackling their global mission-critical issues. Our purpose is to devise Next Practice for our clients and for ourselves. We do that by combining the ability to tackle and solve complex problems with the ability to engage and mobilize client organizations to create lasting impact.

A cornerstone in how we work is an engagement model that allows for long-lasting projects and deep senior involvement. We believe in collaborative approaches; we believe in people-centrism; we believe in strong, data-driven analytics and tailored solutions, and we believe in respectfully challenging the status quo.

If you are an experienced candidate and our beliefs resound with yours, you are welcome to contact us or simply just send us your application. We look for strong results in previous jobs, and usually, a solid consulting background is required to be considered.

For partner candidates, the recruitment process is always tailored to the specific candidate. Please contact Dorte Bregnhøj or Tune Marschall.

We are also looking for experienced candidates to drive our projects and build client relations. Depending on your level of experience, you can apply for a role as senior consultant, manager or engagement partner. The recruitment process will be planned based on your specific background. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Dorte Bregnhøj or Semret Meskel.