QVARTZ is a management consulting company with Nordic heritage and global reach. We are firmly rooted in the traditional professional values of tier-one management consulting, but aspire to change the consulting industry from within. We are inspired by people. Big people. People who dare to be lions and make a difference. Those who can create impact and move individuals, teams and companies forward. From our nine offices across Europe, the US and Asia, we follow our clients around the globe, constantly exploring new opportunities to strengthen our position.

For our office in Singapore, we are currently looking for dedicated entry-level Consultants who want to join us on our journey and help build a small consulting giant in the Lion City. 

As a consultant, you will work closely with your team to identify key issues, conduct thorough analyses and provide insightful recommendations to clients. We are looking for students who:

  • Have a curious and creative mind combined with strong analytical skills
  • Are characterized by a high level of drive, and thrive in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Possess a solid balance of intellectual capabilities and excellent people skills
  • Have strong academic records and big hearts that beat for management consulting and for building our civilization

At QVARTZ, we do not see ourselves as an organization, but as a civilization built on trust – in the people we work with, in their intentions, abilities and their worth as human beings. For three consecutive years, we have been ranked no. 1 on Company Culture by VAULT, and we take great pride in nourishing our relations. An important part of your role will therefore be to contribute to developing the QVARTZ civilization and your colleagues.

If you are interested in joining QVARTZ, apply by uploading your CV, grade transcripts and cover letter no later than February 8. Interviews will be held in early March and will be case-based. You can get an introduction to case interviews and exercises in our case handbook. If you have any questions about the job or the recruitment process, please contact Joe Tan.