Digital transformation in major Swedish companies

There is absolutely no doubt that digitalization brings a host of opportunities to companies in virtually all industries. Across Swedish companies, executives are realizing the fundamental impact digitalization has on their businesses. There is broad recognition that the effects are real, and that the pace and transformational power of digital developments will only increase as we move forward.

This report serves to shed light on how top executives in Sweden perceive the business landscape changing as a result of digitalization, and how companies operationalize their efforts to succeed in reaping the benefits. 

We have automated and digitalized our operations over the last decades, so this is not new; however, the shift we see now is more fundamental and creates a bigger clash between the old and the new
Sandvik Coromant

We have made similar surveys among Danish and Norwegian businesses. Please find the white papers below. 

Digital transformation report - Denmark
Digital transformation report - Norway

Download the white paper below or contact Johan Lemchen for more information about digital transformation in Sweden.