Towards mastery of 10
critical marketing disciplines

The business landscape is changing with increasing pace: digitalisation, globalisation and growing data availability challenge most traditional marketing models. Consequently, 8 out of 10 CMOs acknowledge the need for profound transformation of marketing models and concepts. Many marketing units in larger corporations have already under- gone significant changes in recent years. Unfortunately, these changes have very often been executed in an unorche-strated and organic manner, leading to organisational “mushrooming”, i.e. spreading resources too thin, creating more “silo” behaviour and establishing non-scalable organisations. In this white paper, we will introduce experiences from leading companies and our perspective on how to manage a successful and sustainable marketing transformation.


"Over the course of the marketing transformation process, we reorganised three times to get the model right. One must acknowledge that ongoing changes are part of the life of a modern marketer".
Former CMO for a global software leader (Cloud, Big Data and Enterprise Social)

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