Experienced hires

QVARTZ was founded upon a relentless desire to change management consulting from within. Today, we service many of the largest and most intriguing companies in our region, tackling their global mission-critical issues. Our purpose is to devise the Next Practice for our clients and for ourselves. We do that by combining the ability to tackle and solve complex problems with the ability to engage and mobilise client organisations to create lasting impact.

What we are looking for

A cornerstone in how we work is an engagement model that allows for long-lasting projects and deep senior involvement. We believe in collaborative approaches; we believe in people-centrism; we believe in strong, data-driven analytics and tailored solutions, and we believe in respectfully challenging the status quo.

If you are an experienced candidate and our beliefs resound with yours, you are welcome to contact us or simply just send us your application. We look for strong results in previous jobs, and usually, a solid consulting background is required to be considered.

Partner candidates

We’re looking for partner candidates to further build and strengthen our company. The recruitment process is always tailored to the specific candidate. Please contact Jerker Rosander in Stockholm, Tune Marschall in Oslo or Torsten Hvidt in Copenhagen.

Experienced consultants

We’re looking for experienced candidates to drive our projects and build client relations. Depending on your level of experience, you can apply for a role as senior consultant, manager or engagement partner (read more about the different roles here). The recruitment process will be planned based on your specific background. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Dorte Bregnhøj in Copenhagen, Elise Langerød in Oslo or Susanna Hassby in Stockholm.

What to consider as a senior candidate

Can I create results without a formal leadership position?

As a consultant in QVARTZ, you become part of a civilisation characterised by the absence of hierarchical relations. You must be able to both lead and be led, sometimes by colleagues with less experience than yourself.

Am I willing to learn a new trade, even if it means a temporary step down from my current career level?

Consulting is quite distinct from most line positions, and you will find that a new set of tools, methodologies and other skills will have to be acquired initially. To create the optimal conditions for learning, experienced hires with no prior consulting skills often start at Consultant level and progress from there. At QVARTZ we have different initiatives to support you, as an experienced hire, in the best way possible.

Will I thrive with large variations in job focus and the uncertainty it includes?

Consulting is exciting and at times unpredictable. It’s an intensive working experience that often requires travelling and (let’s be honest) sometimes with a significant workload. Though we do our utmost to create the best possible work-life harmony for everybody at QVARTZ, our clients come first which at times requires flexibility from us all.

Recent converts

Johan Reiersen – wants more than an incentive-based sales role

Expertise: financial services

Previous experience: +15 years of consulting experience from McKinsey & Company.

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One of Johan Reiersen’s main reasons for joining QVARTZ was to spend more time with his clients. “What I like about QVARTZ’ engagement model is that I am still heavily involved in the problem-solving and roll-out of the projects – I’m not just consigned to an incentive-based sales role”, he explains. For Johan, collaboration is paramount, both between project team members and between the project team and the client. “Strategic and operational challenges can’t be solved just with analytics. They also require the ability to engage and mobilise the organisation in a way that leverages its competencies and creates ownership”, he says.

Jerker Rosander – seeing the person in the client, not the client in the person

Expertise: transportation, energy, transformation programmes

Previous experience: 15 years of consulting experience from McKinsey & Co.

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As opposed to global consulting firms whose Nordic clients aren’t necessarily first priority, we are a Nordic original – or in other words, our core clients are also our Nordic clients. According to Jerker Rosander, our commitment to the needs of the client above all else and the understanding of the client’s culture and context is what gives us an edge: “Our engagement model allows for longer-lasting projects and deeper involvement which is necessary for making a real impact”, he says.

“QVARTZ has experienced double digit growth since its conception. We know what it takes to grow – it isn’t easy, but it’s also what many companies need assistance with. We are in a unique position to help them because we’ve been there ourselves”, Jerker adds. “Growth makes QVARTZ a more exciting place to work, which is important for our own employees and for attracting the best talent”.
Jerker’s commitment to understanding the client and making an impact is remarkable. He has a genuine interest in helping his clients, and this means always putting their interests above his own. He is well known for his collaborative approach and for always bringing the right colleagues onto a project in order to provide expertise fine-tuned to the client’s specific problem.

Jesper Kjerside – rejected the one-fits-all consulting model

Expertise: corporate strategy and strategy execution, financial services.

Previous experience: 10 years of consulting experience from McKinsey & Company and BCG; started his career as a lawyer at Kromann Reumert and also had a short stint in investment banking.

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“I became a consultant because I wanted to do a little bit of everything and I still see the value of a diverse experience base to draw from – it makes you more creative. However, that being said, I have developed deeper expertise in – and focused more on – certain fields over the years”.

For Jesper Kjerside, flexibility is key when engaging with clients. “The traditional, one-fits-all consulting model is not for me. Many consulting firms have a shelf with ‘products’ that the client can choose from. QVARTZ’ model is unique because we (have to) adapt to our clients and the context, we don’t expect our clients to adapt to us. We strive to really understand their problems and create custom-tailored solutions and set a team specifically for their needs”, he says.

Anne Hartvig Brodersen – Took a roundtrip to Shanghai

Expertise: Corporate strategy, commercial excellence and sourcing.

Previous experience: Three years of consulting experience from QVARTZ and two years spent with Maersk Procurement in Shanghai as Head of Project Management.

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Steep learning curve, great variation in tasks and super nice people were the key arguments for Anne when she decided to return to QVARTZ after two years in Shanghai with Maersk. “I really appreciate the focus on people development and feedback in QVARTZ. There is a genuine interest in the individual, which in combination with intriguing clients and tasks allows for an extremely steep learning curve. In addition, I missed the people and the energy that characterises QVARTZ. People who inspire me and motivate me by sharing an aspiration to do things differently and push the boundaries. People whom I like to refer to as my ‘friends’ more than my ‘colleagues’. QVARTZ is so much more than a workplace – and with a cohesion and enthusiasm second to none.”

Meet Leila – keeps coming back, fortunately

Expertise: Corporate and business unit strategy and commercial excellence within a broad range of industries.

Previous experience: Two years in investment banking, one year in Telenor, +12 years in management consulting in BCG, own consulting company and QVARTZ.

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Leila started her career in investment banking, but chose to join QVARTZ after comparing experiences with her peers from university. She was attracted to management consulting due to the variation in challenges, the high degree of structured training and feedback, and what she describes as a genuine interest in developing people. After a one-year stop at BCG, Leila came back to QVARTZ, but when she gave birth to her second pair of twins, she took a break from consulting to join Telenor as head of Business Development in the Consumer Division. Fortunately, Leila joined QVARTZ for the third time recently. When asked what keeps her coming back, she replies; “In addition to the steep learning curve and high degree of professionalism, it is all the little things that can be summed up to a culture characterised by autonomy and a high level of trust in people that makes you feel like a person and not just a piece in a big puzzle”.

Johan Lemchen – believes in Nordic values

Expertise: specialises in banking, finance and insurance and has extensive experience in strategy, organisation, outsourcing and transformation.

Previous experience: +20 years of consulting experience from Occam Associates, A. T. Kearney, Andersen Consulting

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What brought Johan Lemchen to QVARTZ was our commitment to building a top-tier consulting company based on the Nordic values, which for Johan include respect, humbleness and flexibility. “The QVARTZ consulting model resonates with my deep-held beliefs about how you should approach clients and problem-solving”, he says. We live in an increasingly global and transparent world which, according to Johan, makes the ability to execute a strategy at least as important as the strategy itself. “I believe that not only defining strategy but supporting companies in the roll-out will play an increasingly important role. This is what the QVARTZ model is all about, and it is a very competitive aspect”, he adds.

The Big Blue

Even though we are firmly rooted in the traditional values of tier-one management consulting, our company was founded with the ambition to change management consulting from within. Actually, we don’t think of ourselves as a company, we are a collective, a civilisation. A movement of many. The Big Blue is our current interpretation of our values and aspirations. It’s a snapshot of what we strive to be and become. Be warned, it’s a lengthy affair, in two parts. We are “wordies”, we can’t help it, and it means a lot to us. Learn more about our story, values and aspirations below.