We believe that the biggest questions are best answered by insisting on keeping ambition and compassion in the same mental space. If you are an ambitious student with a big heart that beats for management consulting, you can become part of our civilisation through one of our student programmes as a junior consultant, an intern or a mentee. You will gain valuable experience and become part of our buzzing junior community, which plays an important role in developing QVARTZ.

What we are offering

Junior consultants

Are you a third-year BSc student or MSc student and a management consultant in the making? Junior consultants work on client projects in close co-operation with experienced consultants.


This is your opportunity to let loose your inquisitive nature, and make a qualified decision on which career dreams to pursue and how to achieve them.


Want to learn more about the world of consulting and work closely with our consultants and clients through an intense period?

Junior consultants and interns

There are many bright young minds out there, but we dare to claim that some of the very best (and most inspirational) are found in our team of junior consultants and interns. Our student positions offer great opportunities for the most ambitious and talented souls from leading universities and business schools.

As a junior consultant or intern, you work on client projects side by side with the rest of the team, performing tasks such as data mining, analyses, fact-finding and preparation of presentations – just to mention a few. Junior consultants typically work 15-20 hours a week whereas an internship covers 4-10 intriguing full-time weeks, depending on the office and your course requirements. With the exception of our office in Hamburg, we do not offer internships during July and August, since our clients are typically on holiday during this period.

Both choices present a unique opportunity for you to get to know us and experience consulting. By offering student positions, we get the chance to nurture skilled consultants that may later integrate seamlessly into our civilisation. In fact, most of them end up signing a full-time contract with us. Therefore, we invest strongly in our junior consultants and interns to make sure they are mentored and supported by experienced colleagues throughout their entire journey in QVARTZ.

You are probably a third-year BSc student or an MSc student. Whether your line of study is business, engineering, science or something completely different is not the decisive factor. What tips the scale is your strong analytical skills combined with an empathetic, courageous and curious personality. You are full of bright ideas and eager to make a difference for clients and colleagues.

Our recruitment process for junior consultants and interns is based on the same elements as our full-time recruitment; personal interviews, a numerical test and case exercises on business dilemmas. We process all applications on an ongoing basis and evaluate on the same criteria across offices. However, the frequency and duration of the recruitment process differs slightly. Click below for information about upcoming recruitment deadlines and local contact persons. If you have any questions, please check our FAQ here.

Upcoming recruitment deadlines

Internship, fall 2018
Interviews are conducted on an ongoing basis.
Contact persons: Mathias Mehlsen or Christian Østergaard

Junior Consultant 
Next recruitment day: June 1
Application deadline: May 6
Contact persons: Susanna Hassby or Kathrine Danelund Nielsen

Interviews for internships and Junior Consultant positions are conducted on an ongoing basis.
Contact person: Nina Böhm

Next Internship/Junior Consultant recruitment day: September 2018
Contact person: Elise Langerød

Next recruitment day: Fall 2018
Contact person: Susanna Hassby 

New York & Singapore
Currently, we do not offer Internships or Junior Consultant positions in New York and Singapore.  

Vertical Strategy
For information about open positions and upcoming deadlines, go to

Nice to know when applying

Once invited for an interview, you can expect a combination of aptitude, personality and competency tests. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in problem-solving and analytical reasoning as well as share a bit about yourself.

It may sound as a cliché, but simply be yourself and show your personality. Think of the interview as a two-way street; it’s just as important for you to get to know us as for us to get to know you.

Three good tips on how to prepare

  1. Prepare for case interviews and numerical test. Make sure you are familiar with the most common types of cases, and try not to cling too much to specific learnt-by-heart frameworks.
  2. Practice some quick calculations without a calculator.
  3. Reflect on who you are and how to be yourself. Consider how you want to interact with the rest of the group – both in group interviews and under less formal circumstances.

Download the QVARTZ case handbook here for an introduction to case interviews and frameworks or read consultant Lene Lundgaard’s personal advice on how to best prepare here.


If you are interested in joining QVARTZ, please send us your complete application, including the following documents (as separate files). You can select which position you are applying for in the application form. If you have any questions, please check our FAQ here. If you still have unanswered questions, contact us at

  1. Motivation letter
  2. Your CV
  3. Diplomas from your bachelor’s degree, any studies abroad as well as your general certificate of secondary education or qualifying exam

From the perspective of a junior consultant


Mathias Gydesen – jumped in at the deep end
MSc graduate in Finance and Strategic Management, CBS
Joined QVARTZ as a JC in January 2015

Why did you join QVARTZ?
I joined QVARTZ to gain broad industry exposure and to stay on a steep learning curve. Since joining, I have realised that I am not only part of a top-tier consultancy, but also part of building a company. To me, it’s a unique opportunity to develop professionally while also helping to create a Nordic original within management consulting.

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What do you especially like about the JC role?
My experience as a JC has been characterised by being thrown in at the deep end… and even though I am an able swimmer, it has been challenging. It’s both fun, truly rewarding and a bit frightening; however, there is always a lifebuoy within reach, in the shape of my colleagues. As a JC, you are surrounded by smart people who have high expectations of you, but who also truly care about your personal development. It’s a great learning environment.

What has been your coolest project or moment as a JC so far?
My coolest work experience as a JC has been working 1-on-1 with partners who are experts in their field. Equally cool: the parties and retreats with people who are as fun and interesting as they are smart. Projects are often demanding, and therefore, it’s critical for me that the social aspects of work are prioritised so that your colleagues become your friends.

What does your future career in QVARTZ look like?
I just started as a full-time consultant after finishing my studies. I look forward to develop professionally and contribute to developing QVARTZ as a company.

Victoria Berg – studied in seven different countries
MSc student at Applied Economics and Finance, CBS
Joined QVARTZ as a JC in March 2015

Why did you join QVARTZ?
After coming back from the GLOBE exchange programme as part of my bachelor, I was eager to try out management consulting while finishing my studies. I participated in a QVARTZ Cooking Challenge and got a unique impression of QVARTZ and what it was is all about. The next day, I wrote my application, which luckily became my ticket to becoming part of the civilisation.

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What do you especially like about the JC role?
To me, being a JC is exceptional for two reasons. First, I can contribute to shaping my own job based on my interests and schedule. One example of this is when I worked full-time on a project for a month, which was a great way to experience life as a consultant up close. The second unique aspect of being a JC is the community. Social events, trips, monthly meetings and grabbing coffee with consultants and other JCs truly makes my job a lot of fun.

What has been your coolest project or moment as a JC so far?
My happiest QVARTZ moment was when I arranged a BBQ for students in our backyard during the Copenhagen street festival, Distortion, with one of my fellow JCs.

What does your future career in QVARTZ look like?
Right now, I’m on exchange in London and look forward to re-joining QVARTZ as a full-time consultant after finishing my master’s degree at the Copenhagen Business School.

Mentoring programme

Your dream job probably doesn’t exist

You can create it!

Making a qualified decision on which career dreams to persue and how to achieve them can be a daunting task. What to do, where to do it and not least why?

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This is where our mentoring programme comes into play. If you join the programme, one of our consultants will become your mentor. Having experience from both management consulting and a range of industries, he or she will support, challenge and guide your decisions. It’s basically your opportunity to ask all the tough questions and to challenge your perceptions.

The programme is free of charge and runs for a year, during which time you will have four individual meetings with your mentor as well as meetings with the other mentees and mentors in the programme.

We offer the mentoring programme in both Copenhagen and Oslo. You are eligible to apply if you are enrolled in a master’s programme and have a minimum of nine months left until your expected graduation party. The application deadline for the next mentoring programme wil be in September 2018. If you have any questions, please contact Cecilie Oest-Jacobsen from Copenhagen or Ida Foseid Dillekås from Oslo. .

Jobs and career events

Here you can find our current job openings and upcoming events. Whether you are interested in joining the QVARTZ civilisation or simply want to get to know us better, keep on reading.

Consulting con amore

STUDENT EVENT, COPENHAGEN: On May 24, we invite aspiring female students to join us at our office in Ryesgade where you will help LittleBigHelp solve a pressing business issue.

Conformity never changed the world

CONSULTANTS, OSLO: We are currently looking for talented and entrepreneurial people with analytical & creative minds and big hearts to join us in Oslo as full-time consultants and take part in our journey towards unknown lands, helping our clients solve mission-critical business issues.

Building a small giant

CONSULTANTS & SENIOR CONSULTANTS, NEW YORK: we are currently looking for dedicated entry-level Consultants and Senior Consultants to join us on our journey and help build a small consulting giant in the US.