By leveraging existing consumer narratives

Creating inherent brand traction on par with the world’s leading brands is a multidisciplinary exercise. It requires a competitive value proposition, the underlying business system to deliver and a leadership capable of rallying the organization around a shared aspiration – only to name a few examples. However, leading brands also share the decisive trait of consumer identification as their brand narratives resonate inherently with existing consumer narratives. In this white paper, we validate six consumer narratives to leverage, and outline how to translate derived product preferences to specific offerings – creating the foundation for inherent brand traction.

“Over time, our personal narrativesshape our identities and define our consumption patterns, except those related to basic human needs. If the ability to create time- and flux-resilient brand identification is a shared trait of what these brands do so well, the following question must be how they do it”.
Lars Fynbo, Ph.D of Sociology, postdoctoral researcher, University of Copenhagen.

If you want to know more about inherent brand traction, download the white paper below or contact Rasmus Sørensen or Henrik Madsen