The floating future of wind energy

Dezember 19, 2019

Floating offshore turbines hold the potential of being a game-changer that will take our generation of wind power to the next level.


Creative problem-solving in Africa

Januar 17, 2020

There is never just one way to solve a problem. An open and creative mind is key to finding brilliant solutions that might not seem obvious at first glance.


A 93-year-old start-up

“Digital is not a ‘thing’ that lives in some corner of the company, but rather something we all need to embrace.” - Christian Birk, B&O


QVARTZ Germany wins prestigious award

Dezember 19, 2019

The QVARTZ team in Germany has just received the prestigious Hidden Champion award for being the leading consultancy in "People Centricity".


An exchange of views

Dezember 11, 2019

What is the major difference between working at a consulting firm in Sydney or in Copenhagen?



Neuer Wall 40

DE‑20354 Hamburg



Disruption schafft neue Perspektiven

Juni 27, 2019

Der Gesundheitssektor befindet sich inmitten eines digitalen Wandels, angetrieben durch Patienten und ihre alltäglichen Erfahrungen als Verbraucher. Erwartungen an Service, Komfort und Nutzerfreundlichkeit gleichen denen an Online-Shopping. Ein aktuelles QVARTZ-Whitepaper analysiert diesen und andere digitale Trends im Gesundheitswesen.


A season for celebrations

Dezember 9, 2019

This year, Christmas came early for 24 compañeros who celebrated their well-earned promotions last Friday.


Du willst alles in Einem?

Consultant (m/w/d), Hamburg

A life-saving operation

“There were so many things that we quickly realized had to be instantly changed, simplified and streamlined, because the complexity was killing us.” - Jakob Riis, Falck


Ausblick in die Zukunft des öffentlichen Personenverkehrs

Dezember 2, 2019

Vergangene Woche trafen sich Führungskräfte aus der Automobilindustrie in Amsterdam bei der internationalen VDI-Konferenz zum Thema „Future of Buses“. Automobilexperte und QVARTZ-Partner Dr. Gerhard Nowak hielt die Eröffnungsrede


E-commerce in SEA: Why do consumer brands struggle to gain traction?

November 19, 2019

The potential for and hype about e-commerce in South-East Asia is enormous. But data shows that the climb is not as steep as predicted. In this perspective, QVARTZ and Lion & Lion look into the developments and implications of e-commerce for consumer brands in the SEA market.


From London to Kolkata

“If you are willing to look at the consequences, then you can really create the life you want.” - Lisbeth Johansen, LittleBigHelp


How China will shape the future of autonomous vehicles

Mai 28, 2019

Autonomous vehicles are a hot topic all around the world. So far, most of the public attention has been on the efforts of American and European companies to develop the required technology. However, in the past 2-3 years, an entire ecosystem of Chinese companies has emerged, and the authors of our latest white paper are convinced that China will soon become a leading force in the area of autonomous vehicles. Find out why.


Perspektive mit Erfahrung

November 19, 2019

Den größten Teil ihrer Karriere hat QVARTZ-Partnerin Anna Månsson in Deutschland und China verbracht. Die Möglichkeit, zu ihren nordischen Wurzeln, in ein Unternehmen mit großem Unternehmergeist zurückzukehren und gleichzeitig noch immer Großkunden auf der ganzen Welt zu betreuen, hat sie schließlich zu ihrem Einstieg in die QVARTZ-Civilization bewogen.


You reap what you sow

“Spend sufficient time talking to people on all levels in the organization to really understand them.” - Bent Axelsen, Yara


Listening to the winds of change

November 19, 2019

Last week, we had the privilege of listening to one of those stories that leave a mark. Our Copenhagen office was packed with +150 captivated people when Henrik Poulsen came by to tell about his incredible journey from business student in Aarhus to CEO of Ørsted


Eye of the (Nikki) Tiger

November 15, 2019

Im angesagten Nikki Tiger Club auf St. Pauli - zwischen Pop-Art und japanisch inspiriertem Ambiente - verbrachten wir einen unvergesslichen Abend mit Gästen von nah und fern bei unserem Club Q.


An agile operating model for the rapidly changing digital world

Oktober 30, 2018

Today's large corporations can become leaders in the digital world if they dare to rethink their approach to strategy and embrace the agile operating model. Read QVARTZ and Vertical's recent white paper to find out how.


Soziale Wirkung in Simbabwe erzielen

Oktober 24, 2019

Vergangene Woche kehrten Morten Gauslaa, Søren Engelbrekt Nielsen und Salomon Winther Pedersen aus Simbabwe zurück, wo sie die Non-Profit-Organisation Zimbabwe Agricultural Development Trust (ZADT) unterstützt hatten.


Was treibt Dich an?

Consultant (m/w/d), Hamburg

Wenn es hart auf hart kommt

Es ist klar, dass Vielfalt innerhalb der Belegschaft ein entscheidender Faktor für die Wettbewerbsfähigkeit und den Erfolg eines jeden Unternehmens ist. Aus diesem Grund ist Diversity ein wichtiges Thema, das jeden etwas angeht. - Leonie HIllebrecht, DEA


Close relations through projects, books and bikes

Oktober 23, 2019

Meet QVARTZ Compañero Vilhelm Vig Nielsen.


We have a nightmare … and fortunately also a dream

April 25, 2019

“A human being who gets a deep sense of meaning from the work that he or she is doing is much more productive and efficient than someone who is merely satisfied.” - Morten Albæk

Circular Economy


“More and more investors are understanding sustainability as a true value driver.” - Stephanie Hubold