Oktober 1, 2018

The QVARTZ Annual 2017 brings you stories from inspirational companies, intriguing organisations, new offices and cool people around the world.


A meaningful getaway

März 20, 2019

This weekend, our ingenious community of Interns and Junior Consultants met up in Stockholm.


Where the oxygen comes in

"We have the same revenue, but we are flying an additional three million people; more than half the population of Denmark. That shows how aggressive the competition in the industry is".


Perspektive mit Erfahrung

März 14, 2019

QVARTZ Manager Are Kaspersen ist ein echter Weltenbummler mit schier unerschöpflicher Energie. Vor zwei Jahren hat er seine Stelle als Berater bei DNV GL aufgegeben und kam zu QVARTZ, um uns mit seinem Fachwissen zu bereichern und einige der größten norwegischen Unternehmen bei erfolgskritischen Fragestellungen zu beraten.


Forbes Redakteurin Stephanie wird Teil von QVARTZ

März 11, 2019

Am 1. April wird sich Stephanie Denning unserem New Yorker Office als Managerin anschließen und wir freuen uns, sie an Bord begrüßen zu dürfen. Zuletzt war Stephanie als Managerin im Bereich Medien und Technologie bei Strategy& tätig. Für Forbes schreibt sie über Strategie, Wirtschaft und Führung und arbeitet derzeit an einem Buch zu denselben Themen.



Neuer Wall 40

DE‑20354 Hamburg



An agile operating model for the rapidly changing digital world

Oktober 30, 2018

Today's large corporations can become leaders in the digital world if they dare to rethink their approach to strategy and embrace the agile operating model. Read QVARTZ and Vertical's recent white paper to find out how.


Closing the loop on packaging

März 4, 2019

As part of the Circular Economy Package (CEP), the EU has set ambitious goals for waste management: by 2030, 55% of plastics packaging waste should be recycled. To reach that target, it's estimated that Denmark needs to triple its current activities.


It takes a team

April 4, 5-10 p.m.

On April 4, we invite ambitious students to join us at our office in Copenhagen to learn more about who we are and how we work.


A bigger piece of that pie, please

“The industry is still in its baby shoes in regard to getting digital and getting online".


Humanism as a company asset

Februar 5, 2019

"We do not need more zero-sum and winner-takes-all situations. On the contrary, we need win-win situations for the planet, its companies and its people."


If it looks really challenging, it’s perfect

"Given my belief in what we do and how we operate, my money is on the challengers rather than the incumbents”.


Rebel, rebel

April 16, 2018

The innovative consultancy Vertical Strategy specialises in creating new business models, incubation and customer experiences. Their portfolio counts cutting edge projects such as the Future Mobility Concept at Airbus, revolving around the development of flying cars, and the MobileLife incubator at Danske Bank.


Life as a Junior Consultant

Februar 14, 2019

Have a sneak peek into Olivia's dynamic and ever-changing life as both a medical student and Junior Consultant at QVARTZ.


When a banker lends you an umbrella

“As a leader in this transformation, you need to be very stubborn and persistent when trying to get people to go in the right direction".


Circular discussions in Hamburg

Februar 6, 2019

Als sich 35 QVARTZ-Partner in Hamburg versammelten, um relevante Unternehmensangelegenheiten wie Nachhaltigkeit und Kreislaufwirtschaft zu diskutieren, waren die Gespräche weit davon entfernt sich im Kreise zu drehen.


Beyond recycling

Januar 30, 2019

Turning old clothing back into raw materials? It may sound way too good to be true, but that is exactly what British startup Worn Again Technologies is doing.


The automotive aftermarket

August 30, 2018

The automotive aftermarket is undergoing a gradual but profound change. In a few years, the market will look completely different.


Unlike the West

Januar 29, 2019

Three key challenges that companies should be aware of when entering China.


Nicht wo Sie herkommen zählt, sondern wohin Sie gehören

Senior Consultants (m/w/d), Hamburg

Pumping it up for the future

"What do you think can disrupt our industry and our company?"


QVARTZ 2018 revisited

Januar 23, 2019


CSR Perspective

Unleashing the potential

April 12, 2018

The aim with Charge is for first-generation immigrants in Norway to see that there are people out there who are willing to help and contribute, and realise that there are endless possibilities ahead. Today, many people believe it’s so hard to succeed that they won’t even try”


So long, snail mail

"We are sort of changing the wheels on the car while driving it at full speed".