Oktober 1, 2018

The QVARTZ Annual 2017 brings you stories from inspirational companies, intriguing organisations, new offices and cool people around the world.


Engaging with students in Singapore

Januar 16, 2019

Discussions were lively last week, when QVARTZ Partner Johnson Chng participated in a panel debate at the annual Youth Financial Symposium organised by INC, a leading investment club at Singapore Institute of Management.


Where the oxygen comes in

"We have the same revenue, but we are flying an additional three million people; more than half the population of Denmark. That shows how aggressive the competition in the industry is".


Vertical Strategy in Barcelona

Januar 15, 2019

For four days, the team of 40 enthusiastic entrepreneurs cruised the city, discussed the year to come, soaked up some sun and met Dr. Steven MacGregor.


The best start to 2019

Januar 10, 2019

We cannot think of a better start to the new year than to welcome Sonja Baderschneider as a new QVARTZ Partner.



Neuer Wall 40

DE‑20354 Hamburg



An agile operating model for the rapidly changing digital world

Oktober 30, 2018

Today's large corporations can become leaders in the digital world if they dare to rethink their approach to strategy and embrace the agile operating model. Read QVARTZ and Vertical's recent white paper to find out how.


The new innovation powerhouse

Januar 8, 2019

What do you get when you mix a development agency with an innovative consultancy? You get the new Vertical Strategy.


A bigger piece of that pie, please

“The industry is still in its baby shoes in regard to getting digital and getting online".


Von uns für Euch

Dezember 21, 2018

Wünschen wir euch frohe Festtage und ein glanzvolles neues Jahr.


Rebel, rebel

April 16, 2018

The innovative consultancy Vertical Strategy specialises in creating new business models, incubation and customer experiences. Their portfolio counts cutting edge projects such as the Future Mobility Concept at Airbus, revolving around the development of flying cars, and the MobileLife incubator at Danske Bank.


If it looks really challenging, it’s perfect

"Given my belief in what we do and how we operate, my money is on the challengers rather than the incumbents”.

CSR Perspective

Unleashing the potential

April 12, 2018

The aim with Charge is for first-generation immigrants in Norway to see that there are people out there who are willing to help and contribute, and realise that there are endless possibilities ahead. Today, many people believe it’s so hard to succeed that they won’t even try”


Große Herzen

Dezember 20, 2018

Im vergangenen Jahr haben wir durch unser Engagement für Con Amore mutige, inspirierende und hoch motivierte Menschen aus aller Welt kennengelernt.


When a banker lends you an umbrella

“As a leader in this transformation, you need to be very stubborn and persistent when trying to get people to go in the right direction".


Helden aus eigenem Hause

Dezember 14, 2018

Am vergangen Freitag haben wir wieder einmal das stetig zunehmende Maß an Wissen und Leidenschaft innerhalb der QVARTZ Belegschaft.


Die Wahrheit über Vorurteile im Consulting

Dezember 5, 2018

JC Network Days in Kiel


The automotive aftermarket

August 30, 2018

The automotive aftermarket is undergoing a gradual but profound change. In a few years, the market will look completely different.


Führende Rolle bei Nachhaltig-
keitsarbeit in Indien

Dezember 4, 2018

Diesen November überschritt die Luftverschmutzung in der indischen Großstadt Kalkutta einen Wert von 400 auf der Skala des Luftqualitätsindex (LQI).


Pumping it up for the future

"What do you think can disrupt our industry and our company?"


The partnership continues

Dezember 4, 2018

You may already have guessed it, but for the second consecutive year, QVARTZ is Consulting Partner at CBS Case Competition


The A-team

April 5, 2018

A force field of analytical power; QVARTZ Analytics is definitely the data whizz-kid of the QVARTZ family. With a knowledge base ranging from computational engineering to mathematics, digital marketing, data science and algorithm development – just to mention a few – the combined skills of the QVARTZ Analytics team are applied in everything from major digital transformations to artificial intelligence.


So long, snail mail

"We are sort of changing the wheels on the car while driving it at full speed".