We team up with global experts and pioneers from all over the world. The need for speed and complexity of issues call for a flexible approach, and our ecosystem offers access to unique knowledge from world-class industry leaders​. and QVARTZ are kindred spirits in many ways. We work closely together on front end-related situations for clients, drawing on’s cloud-based solutions within sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, apps and more.

Microsoft has chosen QVARTZ as an exclusive digital transformation partner in the Nordics. The close collaboration brings tangible value to our clients globally, e.g. through our joint Digital Transformation Reports, which examine digital maturity among companies and public institutions.

GLG is a close partner of QVARTZ, providing access to 500,000 independent experts across all industries. The collaboration enables QVARTZ to draw on GLG's extensive knowledge and unique insights, thereby creating better and more informed outcomes.

UC Strategy is a strategic alliance partner of QVARTZ, operating within a broad range of industries in India. Through joint work, the partnership bridges global markets and solidifies QVARTZ' knowledge about one of Asia's most complex business environments.

Operating from offices in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo and Barcelona, Mirow & Co. possesses deep market knowledge and industry insights in the Latin American region. The partnership with Mirow & Co. enables QVARTZ to strengthen our global footprint and solidify our presence in a vast and prosperous market.

Stern Stewart & Co. is a strategic alliance partner of QVARTZ, operating within a range of industries in central Europe. The cooperation with this high-end strategy consulting firm adds significantly to QVARTZ’ knowledge, international network, capacity and social life.

Port Jackson Partners is a strategic alliance partner of QVARTZ, operating in Australia and South East Asia. The cooperation adds to our global footprint and enables joint work in both Europe and Asia, as well as systematic exchange of consultants.

2021.AI is an artificial intelligence platform and service provider. The partnership with 2021.AI gives QVARTZ the ability to efficiently put algorithms into production and maintain them for our clients to reduce investment need and time to impact.

UserTribe offers authentic customer input and employs over 700 behavioral specialists from all over the world. The insights provided by UserTribe enable QVARTZ to bring customer feedback and knowledge efficiently into project settings within any industry across the world.